WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon Not Working

Is your WooCommerce free shipping coupon not working? You’ve come to the right place because in this troubleshooting guide I’m going to go through the potential causes of why a free shipping coupon might not work properly (there’s more than one reason!).

We’ll get your WooCommerce free shipping coupon working in no time so you can start promoting it.

WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon Not Working

As mentioned there are several potential causes for a free shipping coupon not to work. We’ll cover them one by one.

Potential Cause #1: No free shipping defined

If you want your free shipping coupon to actually work you need to make it possible to actually get free shipping.

No free shipping enabled = no possible way for the system to grant you your free shipping.

Potential Cause #2: Coupon Has Been Restricted

WooCommerce has coupon features that restrict the number of usages of the coupon. This will also apply to coupons that just grant free shipping.

You can restrict coupons based on the following:

  • Total use the coupon has had
  • Times a single customer has used it
  • Max number of items it can apply to

WooCommerce Coupon Not Working Usage Limits

Firstly, ensure that the settings on your coupon are correct the way you want them.

Next, make sure that your customer hasn’t hit one of those restrictions already. If they have that would explain why it’s not working.

Potential Cause #3: Coupon Is In Draft Status

If the coupon is working for you as an Administrator or Store Manager user role, but not working for Customer roles or Guests then it’s likely the coupon is not in Published state.

The only way to change the status of a coupon is via the Publish box on the top right of the screen when you’re editing the coupon.

Check Coupon Is Published

Potential Cause #4: Plugin Conflict

If you’re confident that it’s not a configuration issue with the coupon itself, it’s possible that another plugin is causing a code conflict.

This can be especially true in the case of a WooCommerce free shipping coupon not working because there are many plugins that alter the way shipping works in the system.

In this case, it’s advisable to do a “general debug” which should help you isolate what is happening.

To do a general debug you should:

  1. Disable all other plugins except WooCommerce
  2. If possible switch to one of the default themes (like TwentyEighteen)
  3. Check to see if the issue is still present
  4. If the issue is no longer present, start re-enabling plugins one by one, testing in between for the problem
  5. Continue until you isolate which plugin or theme causes the malfunction

If you can eliminate the problem plugin, do so. Otherwise, it’s time to reach out to that plugin’s author. Ensure you give them all the evidence that points to their plugin being the cause.

Bonus: How To Apply Your Free Shipping Coupon Automatically Based On Conditions

Want to ensure that your free shipping coupon is applied only when certain conditions are true?

For example: only allow the free shipping coupon when the subtotal is over $150

What about having the free shipping coupon apply automatically? That would be nice and easy for your customers!

Well, the way to do this is with our WooCommerce coupon plugin. It’s an extension that adds extra features to your coupons so you can do things like restricting it on certain cart conditions or having it automatically apply.

5 thoughts on “WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

  1. Tried all this, does not work.
    I have a coupon, it is set up fine, not in draft status or anything.
    I have a free shipping zone.

    When entering in the coupon, it takes the percentage off the price as it should, but the shipping remains the same.

    I am going mad.

    1. Hey Pearl,

      Is your free shipping method defined and enabled in your shipping zone?

      Also, check that you don’t have any zone location restrictions that are being triggered.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I had the same problem, but actually it is important to set also your free shipping in the settings.
    “Free shipping requires: A minimal order amount AND a coupon”.

    That solved it for me.

  3. My coupon doesn’t work if an address is entered. Also, once you enter an address, you can’t delete it!

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