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Grow Your WooCommerce Store With Better Coupons

The coupon features in WooCommerce are underpowered. Advanced Coupons turbo charges what you can do with coupons with new coupon types, cart conditions, BOGO deals, URL apply, auto apply, and loads more!

Easy 2-Min Setup

Our tools are pre-configured using best practices and industry standards. Simply install & you’re ready to go!

Extends Coupon Features

Your existing coupons can still be used, we simply extend them with new crazy features that will get your customers buying.

Cart Conditions (Coupon Rules)

One of our main features are Cart Conditions which extend how you can restrict a coupon's usage. This helps you avoid losing money by coupon abusers.

Store Credit System

Thrill your customers with a full store credit system on your store. Lets you to grant credits to customers, refund to store credit, and more.

Smart Applying

Your customers will now be able to apply coupons using URL, one-click notifications on the cart/checkout, or be delighted by auto-applied coupons.

International Ready

Yep, its multi-currency and multi-lingual ready. Finally your coupons can be ready for international audiences and languages.

Cart Conditions Are Rules To Help You Restrict Usage

Let’s face it, coupons do have a tendency to be abused by customers sometimes and more often than not, we just cop it on the chin and send the customer the items anyway, even though they received a discount they should have been eligible for.

This is no longer a problem with Cart Conditions. They act like rules your customer needs to satisfy before they can even apply the coupon. There’s loads of Cart Conditions that you can use, check them out below.

Finally, You Can Earn More With Buy X, Get X Style Coupons

We love it when retailers give us a great buy one, get one deal in real life, so why can’t you do that in WooCommerce?

With Advanced Coupons, you can leverage new deals like BOGO (Buy X, Get X) style deals which help you earn more and keep customers interested at the same time.

Add Products When You're Adding A Coupon

The power of free is STRONG. Customers eat it up and they love getting a freebie in their cart, it’s a magical feeling.

Advanced Coupons lets you configure coupons to automatically add products to the cart when the coupon is applied.

Pair this with favourite your Cart Conditions and you can do things like:

  • Adding a free product once they reach a cart subtotal amount
  • Giving them a free sample product when they buy a certain product range
  • Popping a discounted product in the cart when they click a URL

Making Coupons Available Only For Certain User Roles, Shipping Methods, Payment Gateways

You can also make coupons available only if they match certain restrictions. For example, having a certain user role, using a certain shipping zone and method, or even selecting a certain payment gateway.

Setting smarter restrictions not only restricts usage to a specific subgroup of customers, it also helps you target those people so that only they are allowed to get the deal you’re making.

Get Better WooCommerce Coupons With Advanced Coupons