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WooCommerce Memberships Advanced Coupons Integration

Restrict Coupons Based On WooCommerce Membership Level With Advanced Coupons Plugin

Do you run a membership website with WooCommerce Memberships? Want to restrict coupons based on your member’s membership level? We’re very happy to announce that we’ve collaborated with Skyverge and have implemented an integration with their excellent WooCommerce Memberships plugin to allow advanced coupon conditions with membership levels. This is

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categorize coupons

How To Categorize Coupons In WooCommerce

Categorizing coupons in WooCommerce is a very helpful way to organize your coupons when there begins to be too many on your main list. In WooCommerce there’s no way to currently categorize your coupons so we added this feature to Advanced Coupons and personally, it’s like my MVP feature of

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