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Maximize Revenue With WooCommerce Gift Cards

Unlock the power of gift cards on your WooCommerce store with Advanced Gift Cards.
A stable, easy to use WooCommerce gift card plugin for selling gift certificates to redeem as store credit on your store.

Easy Setup

Install the WordPress plugin, create a new gift card product, set the price and value and you're ready to sell!

Send To Friend

Easily let your customers send gift card purchases straight to a recipient. They pay and it immediately sends an email.

Redeem During Checkout

Customers can easily redeem their gift card during checkout to store credit to use straight away on their order.

Built-in Designs Or Upload

Professionally designed gift card templates in-app or you can upload your own design easily.

Store Credit

Advanced Gift Cards redeem back to store credit so its safe, secure and a great way to encourage usage.

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Randomly generated and hard to guess but not too long – a great balance between usability and code security.

Capture New Audiences With WooCommerce Gift Cards – The Original Viral Marketing!

Gift certificates have been around in the store marketing world for a long time, usually in person with credit card like plastic with a scratch off showing a unique code. 

If you think about it, it’s the original viral marketing because those cards would then be given to friends/family as gifts and those people would become new customers.

Advanced Gift Cards brings this concept into the modern age. There’s no planet destroying physical gift cards made of plastic, but there is still unique card designs and unique codes. Plus, it’s still inherently viral with the ability to send it straight to a friend.

Easily Sharable, Easily Giftable

Just as with physical gift cards, you can also share the online version of a gift certificate as well. Encourage your customers to purchase gift cards as a special present for a friend simply by selecting the “Send To A Friend” option when adding to cart.

The system is smart and will automatically send the generated code along with an email that is matched to your store color scheme.

The email shows the beautiful gift card design, their gift card code and amount plus a short optional message from the purchaser.

Great For Holiday Seasons & Occasions

As a store owners it’s important for you to have giftable products when it comes to holiday seasons and important occasions. Often, stores will create categories just for this purpose to showcase all of the options.

Gift Cards are the ultimate gift – it’s right there in the name after all!

With WooCommerce gift cards provided by Advanced Gift Cards plugin your customers can purchase a card in the amounts you set and have that gift card instantly delivered to the recipient.

No, WooCommerce doesn’t have gift cards out of the box, only coupon codes. But you can add gift card functionality easily using Advanced Gift Cards plugin.

Advanced Gift Cards lets you add gift card products in your WooCommerce store and allow you to sell digitally redeemable gift cards.

They have an expiration date, an email template that sends that gift voucher to your customer (or their friend), and loads of included designs to make your customers want to purchase.

To add a gift card to your WooCommerce store, simply:

Step 1: To add a gift card product to WooCommerce you need to install the Advanced Gift Cards plugin.

Step 2: Once installed, go to Products->Add New and create a new gift card product.

Step 3: The final step is to set the price of the gift card and the value of the gift card.

The best gift card plugin for WooCommerce is Advanced Gift Cards. It allows you to not only sell digital redeemable gift cards on a WooCommerce store but it also features the ability to send the gift card to the recipient automatically.

WooCommerce gift cards work just like a regular product where the customer purchases them, but with some minor differences. Upon purchasing a unique code is generated for the gift card and stored in the database. This unique gift card code is redeemable as store credit either during checkout or via the My Account page.

To create a WordPress gift card you need two plugins, WooCommerce to add basic ecommerce functionality and Advanced Gift Cards to add the gift card functionality to WooCommerce.

Selling a WordPress gift card is easy. First, you need to install WooCommerce to add basic ecommerce functionality to your website. Second, you need to install Advanced Gift Cards to add the ability to sell gift cards to WooCommerce. Gift cards products can be added to product categories and sold alongside your other products.

A great feature in Advanced Gift Cards is the ability to let your customers set a delivery date for the gift card.

It lets them purchase a digital gift for their friend and set the exact date and time they want the gift to be delivered which is great for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and other big events.

There are a few things you’ll need to get started with Advanced Gift Cards.

First, your store must be running on WordPress and WooCommerce. The plugin is specifically built for this system and will not work with any other ecommerce systems.

And lastly, you’ll need the free Advanced Coupons plugin which is a free coupon plugin for WooCommerce that extends your coupons functionality. It also adds the store credits features that are required for Advanced Gift Cards to work.

Start Selling WooCommerce Gift Cards On Your Store Today

How To Sell Gift Cards With Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce

Gift card programs are real game changers for any e-commerce business. Gift cards can help increase customer loyalty, create repeat business and introduce new customers to your company at the same time.

Our Advanced Gift Cards For WooCommerce plugin allows you to have a quick and easy yet extensive gift card program. This plugin lets customers buy gift cards either for themselves or gift them to somebody else. It works hand in hand with the Advanced Coupons store credits system to redeem the gift cards.

This guide will cover how to sell gift cards from start to finish:

  1. Install WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin – where to get the plugin
  2. Creating Gift Cards – learn how to create a gift card product
  3. How Gift Cards Are Displayed On The Store – view the gift cards in the store
  4. Purchasing Gift Cards – we explain the process of purchasing a gift card
  5. Gift Card Email – see how an email confirmation is sent after purchasing a gift certificate
  6. Gift Card Redeem Form – take a look at multiple ways to redeem the gift cards
  7. Using Store Credits Upon Checkout – using store credits to pay the orders

1. Install WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin

The first plugin you need to install and activate is the free Advanced Coupons For WooCommerce plugin (version 4.0 or newer). The Advanced Coupons plugin is totally free and sets up the store credit features on WooCommerce that are a pre-requisite for the Advanced Gift Cards plugin to work.

Next, you need to purchase and download the Advanced Gift Cards plugin. This will give you a .zip archive of the plugin files which can be installed via the backend of your website under Plugins->Add New, then click Upload at the top of the screen.

2. Creating Gift Cards

After you install this plugin, you will find the “The Advanced Gift Card” product type on the list of product type options.

Advanced Gift Cards Product Type

Select “Advanced Gift Card” as the product type and the related fields will be displayed in the general tab in its own options group, such as:

  • Gift Card Value:

You can determine the number of store credits to be added to the customer’s account once the gift card is redeemed.

  • Giftable:

Gift cards can be set either as giftable or not. When the “Giftable” option is checked, the customer will be able to enter the recipient details.

Gift Card Value and Card Design

Gift Card Templates:

The virtual gift card template will be added to the top of the email content that is sent to the customer after they purchased the gift card.

You will get the following built-in  gift card templates by default:

  • Gift card
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Thank You!

You will also have the option to set a custom gift card design by uploading or selecting an image from the media library.

For a limited time, there is also a bonus pack of 85+ new gift card templates that you can upload and use on your store covering all sorts of occasions.

Gift Card Email Preview:

Once you have set the value of the gift card, you can see the preview of what the email will look like.

Gift Card Email Preview

3. How Gift Cards Are Displayed On The Store

A gift card is displayed on the shop page as a WooCommerce product that can be added to the cart.

Gift Card Product Page 
  • Send To Friend:

When the gift card product is set to “Giftable”, it will display the following recipient fields:

  • Recipient’s name (required)
  • Recipient’s email (required)
  • Short message (optional)
  • Send To Me:

Customers can also buy gift cards for themselves, they do not need to fill in the recipient details.

4. Purchasing Gift Cards

Customers can purchase gift cards by adding them to the cart. They will not be able to change the quantity of the gift cards after they are added to the cart.

When a gift card that is sent to a friend is added to the cart, the recipient details will be displayed in the item row in the cart and checkout page.

Gift Card Product In The Cart
Gift Card Product Details on The Checkout Page

The recipient details are also displayed on the order details table, which you can view on the following pages:

  • Order Received or Thank You page
  • My Account > Orders > View a specific order
  • Order Email
  • Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders > Edit a specific order
Gift Card Order Details in the Order History

5. Gift Card Email

Once the customer purchased the gift card and the order status is changed to either “processing” or “completed”, an email will be sent to the recipient telling them that they have received a gift card that they can use to purchase things in your store.

A new option will be added to the email notifications settings page called “Advanced Gift Card”.

Advanced Gift Card Email Setting

When the row is clicked, the page is redirected to the dedicated page for managing the email content settings.

The following information can be updated on this page:

  • Enable/Disable
  • Subject
  • Email heading
  • Additional content
  • Email type

The email can either be sent in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • plain text
  • multipart (HTML and plain)

The following custom tags can be used in the settings fields to display values related to the gift card:

  • {gift_card_value}  – the value of the gift card
  • {gift_card_code} – the gift card redemption code
  • {gift_card_expire} – the gift card expiry date

6. Gift Card Redemption Form

There’s no QR codes or barcodes to scan, customers can simply redeem their gift card value into store credits by entering the claim code via the redemption form on your online store.

Once the order is paid, a gift card claim code will be automatically emailed to you or your recipient along with your short message and instructions on how to claim the gift card. There are four ways to display the gift card redemption form:

  • My Account page

A new section is added on the Store Credits sub-page under My Account for redeeming gift card codes.

Gift Card Redemption Page in My Account Page Under The Store Credit Tab
  • Checkout page

A new section is added at the bottom of the order review table. It should be collapsed by default and will be shown when clicking the title.

  • Gutenberg block: “Advanced Gift Cards Redeem Form”

A new Gutenberg block should be available for displaying the redemption on any page or post.

The following texts should be editable in the block settings:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tooltip text
  • Tooltip title
  • Tooltip content
  • Input placeholder
  • Button text
Gift Card Redemption Form Gutenberg Block
Gift Card Redemption Form Gutenberg Block Options
  • Shortcode

The redeem form can also be displayed via the [agcfw_gift_card_redeem_form] shortcode.

Gift Card Redemption Form Shortcode

7. Using Store Credits

Customers can pay the order using their Store Credits. However, they won’t be able to use them to purchase the gift cards.

Applying Store Credit

Help & Support

We have a dedicated support team for Advanced Gift Cards For WooCommerce plugin who understands our products, WooCommerce, and the industry very well. You’re welcome to make use of their expertise at any time, worldwide.

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