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Maximize Revenue With WooCommerce Gift Cards

Unlock the power of gift cards on your WooCommerce store with Advanced Gift Cards.
A stable, easy to use gift card plugin for selling store credit on your store.

Easy Setup

Install the plugin, create a new gift card product, set the price and value and you're ready to sell!

Send To Friend

Easily let your customers send gift card purchases straight to a recipient. They pay and it immediately sends an email.

Redeem During Checkout

Customers can easily redeem their gift card during checkout to store credit to use straight away on their order.

Built-in Designs Or Upload

Professionally designed gift card templates in-app or you can upload your own design easily.

Store Credit

Advanced Gift Cards redeem back to store credit so its safe, secure and a great way to encourage usage.

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Randomly generated and hard to guess but not too long – a great balance between usability and code security.

Capture New Audiences With WooCommerce Gift Cards – The Original Viral Marketing!

Gift cards have been around in the store marketing world for a long time, usually in person with credit card like plastic with a scratch off showing a unique code. 

If you think about it, it’s the original viral marketing because those cards would then be given to friends/family as gifts and those people would become new customers.

Advanced Gift Cards brings this concept into the modern age. There’s no planet destroying plastic, but there is still unique card designs and unique codes. Plus, it’s still inherently viral with the ability to send it straight to a friend.

Easily Sharable, Easily Giftable

That’s right, you encourage your customers to purchase gift cards as a special present for a friend simply by selecting the “Send To A Friend” option when adding to cart.

The system is smart and will automatically send the generated code along with an email that is matched to your store color scheme.

The email shows the beautiful gift card design, their gift card code and amount plus a short optional message from the purchaser.

Great For Holiday Seasons & Occasions

As a store owners it’s important for you to have giftable products when it comes to holiday seasons and important occasions. Often, stores will create categories just for this purpose to showcase all of the options.

Gift Cards are the ultimate gift – it’s right there in the name after all!

With Advanced Gift Cards your customers can purchase a card in the amounts you set and have that gift card instantly delivered to the recipient.

No, WooCommerce doesn’t have gift cards out of the box. But you can add gift card functionality easily with a plugin. Advanced Gift Cards lets you add gift card products in your WooCommerce store and allow you to sell digitally redeemable gift cards.

To add a gift card product to WooCommerce you need to install the Advanced Gift Cards plugin. Once installed, go to Products->Add New and create a new gift card product. The final step is to set the price of the gift card and the value of the gift card.

The best gift card plugin for WooCommerce is Advanced Gift Cards. It allows you to not only sell digital redeemable gift cards on a WooCommerce store but it also features the ability to send the gift card to the recipient automatically.

WooCommerce gift cards work just like a regular product where the customer purchases them, but with some minor differences. Upon purchasing a unique code is generated for the gift card and stored in the database. This unique gift card code is redeemable as store credit either during checkout or via the My Account page.

To create a WordPress gift card you need two plugins, WooCommerce to add basic ecommerce functionality and Advanced Gift Cards to add the gift card functionality to WooCommerce.

Selling a WordPress gift card is easy. First, you need to install WooCommerce to add basic ecommerce functionality to your website. Second, you need to install Advanced Gift Cards to add the ability to sell gift cards to WooCommerce. Gift cards products can be added to product categories and sold alongside your other products.

Start Selling WooCommerce Gift Cards On Your Store Today