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Grow Your Repeat Purchases, Reward Your Best Customers

Bring your most loyal customers back to your store by helping them earn points & rewards for purchases, leaving reviews, making an account, and more.

Easy 5-Min Setup

Our tools are pre-configured using best practices and industry standards. Simply install & you’re ready to go!

Earning Options

Customers earn points by making orders but they can also earn with other tasks like leaving reviews, setting up an account & more.

Redeem Coupons

Customers can self-service redeem points for coupons and, as an admin, you can also set sensible expiry periods so they don’t last forever.

Points Messaging

Users are prompted about how many points they’re potentially earning for products and for their order as a whole.

Dashboard & Reports

A full admin dashboard is provided showing how many points are in the system, how many have been redeemed, and what is working.

Manage Customers

Drill down into the earning & redemption actions of a single customer. Manually grant or take away points.

Customers Can See How
Many Points They’re Earning

This Loyalty Program plugin is a native integration with WooCommerce meaning it slips right into the natural workflow of your store.

It smartly adds small, customizable notices to customers throughout their purchase journey so that they can see and understand how the points work, and how many points they’re earning for their actions.

Customers Self Manage &
Redeem Their Points

No one likes a management headache – that’s why Loyalty Program is designed with self-service in mind. It’s mostly handsfree for the store owner.

Customers can view their balance and redeem points at any time via the new My Points page on their My Account area.

It’s easy to use and helps them through the process of redeeming their reward.

You Can See Reports & Manage Points Easily

As a store owners it’s important for you to have a handle on how your loyalty program is performing.

This includes being able to know how many points are out there in your customer base, what their value is, how many people have redeemed and what value of coupons are waiting to be used.

You can also easily manage people’s points and see what actions earned them their rewards.

Lots Of Options For Earning Points

There’s lots of ways your customers can earn loyalty rewards & points. The plugin is super simple to configure and you can turn the options on/off based on your needs.

To set up a new earning action, simply turn the action on and configure how many points the users will receive for doing that action.

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