Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Changelog

This is the changelog for the Advanced Coupons Premium plugin.

  • Feature: Integration: WPML compatibility
  • Improvement: "Within Hours After Customer Last Order" description improvement
  • Feature: Support WordPress plugin auto-update feature
  • Improvement: Shipping Overrides: List non-zoned shipping methods to support 3rd party plugins
  • Improvement: WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Improvement: WooCommerce 4.5 compatibility
  • Bug Fix: Scheduler: Clearing the "Coupon start date" field using X button won't re-enable "Coupon expiry date" calendar dates and vice versa
  • Bug Fix: Cart Conditions: The number type of Custom Cart Item meta is not rounded down right away
  • Bug Fix: Cart Conditions: The product attribute condition from Custom Taxonomy Exist In The Cart doesn't work for variable product
  • Bug Fix: 3rd party shipping options not showing in Shipping Overrides due to strict validation
  • Bug Fix: Shipping Override re-adds tax in the order
  • Bug Fix: Minor code issues with WC Admin.
  • Bug Fix: ACFWF plugin version 1.2 dependency notice url not working
  • Improvement: Code improvements
  • Bug Fix: BOGO Deals set on Repeatedly and applied on Product Categories/Any Product Combination for Variable Products is not calculating properly
  • Bug Fix: Able to set negative value in a BOGO any combination & product categories discounts
  • Improvement: Revamp license screen with new UI
  • Improvement: Add time value 'HH:MM:SS' format to coupon start date and expire date for scheduling feature
  • Bug Fix: [Cart Conditions] The Customer Has Ordered Products Before period is based on the order modified date
  • Bug Fix: The license activation notice shows up for users other than admin
  • Bug Fix: Able to search drafted coupons in the Exclude Coupons field
  • Bug Fix: Scheduler expiry date can't be cleared for cloned coupons
  • Launching the new Advanced Coupons Premium Add-on
  • Feature: Loyalty Programs
  • Feature: One Click Apply Notification
  • Feature: Exclude coupons
  • Feature: Orders with coupons report
  • Feature: Shipping Overrides module
  • Feature: Advanced Usage Limits module
  • Feature: Coupon Scheduler module
  • Feature: BOGO Deals module (full)
  • Feature: Auto Apply module
  • Feature: Cart Conditions Module (full)
  • Feature: Add Products Module
  • Improvement: Compatibility check for upcoming WooCommerce 4.0.0
  • Bug Fix: [WC 4.0] Opening new WC Admin analytics for coupon produces an error
  • Improvement: Buttons to clear caches
  • Improvement: Buttons to manually run crons
  • Bug Fix: Auto apply cache "sometimes" will blindly try to construct coupons without checking the name first
  • Bug Fix: Multisite license issues
  • Bug Fix: ACFW module settings can be accessed directly when the ACFW module is disabled
  • Bug Fix: Second BOGO deal notice doesn't show when two coupons are applied with certain conditions
  • Bug Fix: Loyalty Program: Points to earn message in cart/checkout not showing for "Spending over a certain amount"
  • Improvement: Big code improvements and optimization
  • Improvement: Minor code improvements (Tested on upcoming WC 3.8 and WP 5.3)
  • Feature: Cart Condition: Restrict by shipping zone and region
  • Feature: Cart Condition: Custom Meta
  • Feature: Additional cart condition settings: Non-qualify message
  • Feature: Integration: Aelia's WooCommerce Currency Switcher
  • Feature: Integration: WooCommerce Memberships Integration
  • Improvement: Cart Condition: Restrict Based On Custom Taxonomy In Cart
  • Bug Fix: Activation notice not clearing when license is activated and site not activated on ACFW store.
  • Feature: Cart Condition: Total Customer Spend
  • Feature: Reset Usage Limits stats on a recurring time period (eg. monthly)
  • Improvement: Make product search allowed product types filterable
  • Bug Fix: BOGO deal wrong calculation with products that have wholesale price
  • Bug Fix: WC3.7: get_used_coupons() deprecated as of WC 3.7
  • Bug Fix: When BOGO deals are saved and the coupon hasn't been saved before it shows errors during saving
  • Bug Fix: Points preview not showing on single variable product page with default variation
  • Feature: Loyalty Programs: Simple way to manage user points
  • Improvement: Loyalty Program: Points calculation should optionally include tax and shipping
  • Bug Fix: Hidden wholesale variations cause points message to be weird (WWS compatibility)
  • Bug Fix: Loyalty Program: “Minimum threshold to earn points” not calculate the order subtotal after discount (if coupon discount applied)
  • Bug Fix: Loyalty Program: Error Log for warning message occurs when saving loyalty program admin settings
  • Feature: Loyalty Program: earn points leaving a product review and blog comment
  • Feature: Loyalty Program: Earn bonus points for higher spend
  • Feature: Loyalty Program: Option to expire points for inactive use for (x) days
  • Feature: Loyalty Program: Option to have redeemed coupons expire by period
  • Improvement: Loyalty Program: Earn extra points on orders made during a given period
  • Bug Fix: Expiry dates on existing coupons wiped when plugin activated
  • Bug Fix: Loyalty Program: Form Validation for "registering as a customer and after completing the first order"
  • Feature: Ability to categorize coupons
  • Improvement: Loyalty Program: Earn extra points on user account signup
  • Improvement: Loyalty Program: Earn extra points on first order
  • Bug Fix: Cart Conditions: Product Categories doesn't apply on variable products
  • Bug Fix: Clone Coupon should copy all meta data
  • Bug Fix: Auto apply coupon prevents checking out when usage limit is set to 1 per user
  • Bug Fix: BOGO discounts should show negative on cart totals
  • Bug Fix: Points calculation not working on WP Installs with custom prefix
  • Bug Fix: Disallowed roles setting is not working on WP installs with custom prefix
  • Feature: Loyalty Programs
  • Bug Fix: Coupon data not saving on wpengine site
  • Bug Fix: Points worth has wrong/late calculation after the order is completed
Version 1.8
  • Improvement: Improve multi site support
  • Improvement: Improve BOGO Deals Apply Type feature for product categories/variable products
  • Bug Fix: Hide cart condition select box after condition has been added
  • Bug Fix: WooCommerce 3.6: Coupon Expire Date not work
  • Bug Fix: WooCommerce 3.6: Product Variable created on WC 3.6 RC1 & RC2 not loaded in some ACFW settings
Version 1.7
  • Feature: Shipping price override
  • Improvement: Add the disallowed user roles
Version 1.6
  • Bug Fix: WP 5.0 : Fatal error when editing the page with [acfw_bogo_deals] shortcode in Gutenberg
  • Bug Fix: URL Coupon shows Error 404 if the Custom Structure in the Permalink has a text
  • Bug Fix: Export contents are wrong if filters are changed without pressing Filter button
  • Bug Fix: Updating a coupon with incomplete settings (Cart Condition, BOGO, Add Products) will yield an error but still proceed with Updating
  • Bug Fix: Metorik Helper plugin compat issue
  • Bug Fix: Creating an account after checkout removes the discount for coupons with guest role restriction
Version 1.5
  • Bug Fix: Variations are not working in Has Ordered Before cart condition
Version 1.4
  • Bug Fix: Auto apply is deactivated for all coupons when another coupon is trashed
  • Bug Fix: Edge case: If you put a lot of spaces in between words, the url coupon won't work
Version 1.3
  • Feature: Duplicate a coupon
  • Feature: Orders With Coupons Table Report
  • Feature: Add a list of coupons used on an Order on the Order quick view popup
  • Improvement: Specify which coupons it should not be allowed to work alongside
  • Improvement: BOGO Deals shortcode to display all products eligible as "deals"
  • Bug Fix: If you haven't saved a new coupon first before configuring BOGO it will save as draft instead of publish when hitting publish
  • Bug Fix: BOGO message doesn't show up on apply until you refresh the cart
  • Bug Fix: BOGO fatal errors when adding a Product Bundle
Version 1.2
  • Bug: Fix PHP Warning when updating WooCommerce via the beta tester plugin
  • Bug: Cart Conditions: allow 0 value in quantity field property when editing product lines
  • Bug: Cart Conditions: Cart Subtotal condition should not accept LESS THAN 0
  • Bug: Activate the Save BOGO Deals button when BOGO type is changed
  • Bug: Duplicate redeem deals notices displayed in some conditions
  • Bug: When coupon titles contain spaces Coupon URLs will not work
  • Bug: Add as deals button breaking layout on themes who improperly use woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link filter hook (themes should pass the $args variable but now we handle for improper hook usage better)
Version 1.1.0
  • Feature: BOGO Deals: allow users to set price for product deals
  • Feature: Different BOGO Types implementation
  • Feature: Add A Product or Products On Apply
  • Improvement: BOGO Deals settings for displaying notice
  • Improvement: Design improvements to Cart Conditions interface
  • Improvement: Rearrange coupon edit tabs
  • Bug: Allow a float value in Cart Subtotal cart conditions
  • Bug: Draft coupons should not be checked for one click notifications and auto applies
  • Bug: Adding product to a product quantity in to cart condition group
  • Bug: BOGO Deals: adding multiple product as deals will discount the previously added products
  • Bug: Has ordered before cart condition issues
  • Bug: BOGO Deals: The setting "How should the BOGO deal be applied?" will only work for Specific Products, it will not work on combination of products and categories
Version 1.0.1
  • Improvement: Hide license key after input
  • Improvement: Fix help tip text on schedule tab
  • Improvement: Activate the Save BOGO Deals button when clicking the edit button instead of pencil icon
  • Improvement: Add cancel button when editing the BOGO condition or deals list
  • Bug Fix: Add Free Products: conflict with WWS wholesale pricing
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial version