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Coupons: A Powerful Way To Boost Revenue During Holidays

While holidays can offer your business many opportunities to boost revenue, they’re also occasions during which competition is steepest. So how do you stay ahead of your rivals during celebrations such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence Day? If you’re the proud owner of an online store, there are various […]

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2 Easy Ways To Address Discount Fraud In WooCommerce

If you’re struggling with discount fraud or simply looking for ways to prevent it, you’re not alone! Discount fraud is a sneaky and frustrating issue that can cause a lot of headaches, and unfortunately, it’s all too common for e-commerce store owners like yourself. The good news is that it’s […]

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4 Powerful Ways You Can Entice Customers Using Coupons

It can be challenging for any business owner to entice customers into their store. Thankfully, data proves that sales promotions in the form of coupons are extremely effective at attracting new clients. In the United States alone, most people consider the use of coupons an essential part of shopping. 2018 […]

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