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How to Write a Discount Offer That Works (Updated 2023)

Learning how to write a discount offer that works is almost an art form. You have to tread a fine line between not pushing too hard for sales and pushing just enough. The success of your coupons and discount offers will largely come down to how you promote them. If […]

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How Does Store Credit Work? (Complete Store Credit Guide)

As an online store owner, you’ll inevitably have customers who want to return your products. If you don’t offer an appealing incentive, these customers could easily turn to your competitors. To help retain customers, you can provide store credit. When customers can redeem a certain amount in another purchase, this […]

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How To Set Up Promotion Offers In WooCommerce

With the world of e-commerce more competitive than ever, it’s important to establish a strategic approach to online marketing. One of the ways you can do that is by setting up promotion offers in WooCommerce. Sales promotions can help you drive sales and reach audiences you may not have otherwise. […]

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Guide To WooCommerce Bundle Discounts and Why You Should Give Them

Low-profit margins can be problematic for WooCommerce businesses. This is because customers tend to buy one or two products from your online store, rather than purchasing multiple items like they would in brick-and-mortar businesses.  Fortunately, using WooCommerce bundle discounts is a simple and highly effective way to drive more revenue […]

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New Feature: Upgraded Dashboard in Advanced Coupons

We’ve been hard at work making major changes (and upgrades) to our Advanced Coupons plugins to ensure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of having an up-to-date and efficient store. This is also why we’re beyond excited to announce that the new upgraded dashboard for the Advanced Coupons […]

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9 Ways To Boost WooCommerce Holiday Sales In 2023 (With Examples)

The holidays are the hustle and bustle season for e-commerce, with sales often skyrocketing at this point of the year. It’s also a great moment for store owners like you to convert new clients into loyal ones. However, the catch is that getting ready for fantastic WooCommerce holiday sales will […]

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How To Show WooCommerce Coupons Using Gutenberg Blocks (Easy Method)

Managing and marketing coupons for your e-commerce site can be a tricky process. Discounts are an effective tool for promoting specific products and boosting sales. However, without a good way to showcase and modify your coupons, you may not be reaching your customers.  Fortunately, Advanced Coupons’ new Gutenberg blocks make […]

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What Is An SKU Number & How To Generate One For Your Products

If you’re working on your first WooCommerce store, you might be curious about what an SKU number is. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and it’s a term that you’re going to run into repeatedly while processing inventory and doing accounting. In this article, we’re going to talk about what […]

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7 Benefits Of Loyalty Programs & Why Coupons Help

Did you know that customer loyalty programs can help boost your profit by 95%? Every year, corporations in the United States lose an estimated $35.3 billion to preventable consumer churn. As a result, more businesses are putting money into customer loyalty to improve customer relationships. But truth be told, loyalty […]

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