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How To Create Text Message Coupons For WooCommerce (Full Guide)

How To Create Text Message Coupons For WooCommerce (Full Guide)

Have you ever received a text message with a special deal for your favorite shop? It’s like getting a little surprise gift right on your phone, right? That’s exactly how text message coupons work!

If you’re running an online store with WooCommerce, sending out these text message coupons could shake things up for your business. They’re like a tap on the shoulder, offering customers a quick and personal way to save money. Just think about it – everyone carries their phones around, so reaching them with your discount is super easy, isn’t it?

In this article, we will walk you through the advantages of creating text message coupons. Then, we’ll guide you through four simple steps to create them in WooCommerce using some reliable plugins we have in our toolkit. So, let’s dive deeper into it!

Understanding Text Message Coupons

Text message coupons, or mobile coupons, are changing how businesses connect with their customers. With an impressive 90% open rate and a quick response time of just 15 minutes, these coupon codes are proving to be an incredibly effective way to reach people.

Let’s take a more personal look at how they work and why they’re so versatile:

1. Getting started and how it works

To get these coupons, all they have to do is text a specific word to a short number or the business’s regular phone number. It’s super easy and accessible for everyone. Once they’re in, they might receive coupons in different forms like:

  • QR codes,
  • barcodes,
  • or special discount codes.

2. How they’re used and the tools behind them

These coupons do a lot of things – they welcome new subscribers, reconnect with people who haven’t been around for a while, and advertise sales. Businesses use special software like Advanced Coupons to make and handle these deals efficiently.

Text message coupon example
Text message coupon example (click to zoom)

Additionally, they can customize coupons for different groups of customers based on things like age, birthdays, and where they live, so it’s targeted marketing.

3. What kind of deals do they offer and why they’re so effective

Whether it’s saving a percentage off your purchase, getting a certain amount of money off, or getting a buy-one-get-one deal, these coupons cover a lot of ground.

They can be sent out right away to certain groups of customers, which means you see results fast and lots of people open them. This quickness doesn’t just affect what people buy, but it also boosts sales by getting people to make decisions faster.

Why Offer Text Message Coupons?

In the past, coupons were mostly found in print form, sent through mail, or found in newspapers and magazines. However, as technology has advanced, text message coupons have gained popularity.

But the question is, why should you offer them in your store?

Well, for starters, text message coupons bring several benefits that printed coupons simply can’t match:

  • Convenience: Customers can access and redeem them directly from their mobile devices.
  • Cost-effective: There is no need for printing or postage costs.
  • Instant delivery: They can be sent and received within seconds.
  • High open rates: Text messages have a higher open rate compared to emails.
  • Personalization: They can be tailored to individual customers based on their shopping habits.
Text message coupon example from Leo's Apparel
Text message coupon example from Leo’s Apparel (click to zoom)

Additionally, text message coupons offer the following benefits:

  • Immediate and Broad Reach:
    • 99% open rate with messages typically read within 90 seconds
    • Nearly universal mobile phone ownership ensures a wide demographic reach
  • High Engagement and Conversion:
    • Response rates soar at 45%, far surpassing email’s 8%
    • Incorporation into loyalty programs boosts repeat visits and customer loyalty
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency:
    • Minimal costs involved, with potential for high ROI due to impressive open and response rates
    • Instant message delivery allows for rapid response to market dynamics

How To Set Up WooCommerce Text Message Coupons

By adding text message coupons to your WooCommerce strategy, you’re not just standing out from the crowd, but you’re also tapping into a direct and personal way of reaching your customers – something they truly appreciate.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of setting this up. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Choose an SMS marketing service.

There are several platforms out there like Twilio, ClickSend, and Nexmo that offer SMS marketing services. These platforms let you reach out to your customers through text messages and keep track of how well your campaigns are performing.

Feel free to check each one out and select which fits your business model the best.

Step 2. Install an SMS notification plugin.

Next, to seamlessly link your chosen SMS marketing service with WooCommerce, you’ll need an SMS notification plugin. This tool automates the process of sending texts to your customers based on specific events, such as making a purchase or leaving items in their cart.

For this step, we highly recommend going with Twilio.

Empower frontline teams to deliver better customer experiences
Empower frontline teams to deliver better customer experiences

NOTE: Please remember that once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll need to set it up by providing your SMS marketing service’s API details. This will ensure smooth communication between the two systems.

Step 3. Create your text message coupons.

Now that everything’s in place, you can start creating text message coupons to incentivize your customers. While WooCommerce offers basic coupon features, it’s a good idea to use a third-party plugin like Advanced Coupons for added flexibility.

#1-rated WooCommerce coupon plugin
#1-rated WooCommerce coupon plugin

This plugin takes WooCommerce’s capabilities to the next level, making it easy to create and manage coupons. With just three simple steps, you can set up enticing offers to share with your audience:

1. Create a new coupon.

Assuming that you already have the Advanced Coupons plugin installed and activated, head over to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add coupon:

Add a new coupon and set up Coupon Data
Add a new coupon and set up Coupon Data (click to zoom)

Here, you get to give your coupon a name and set up its details. Just decide what discount you want to offer, and how much, and tweak any other settings you think are key for your coupon.

2. Adjust usage restrictions or set up a cart condition.

Once you’ve got that sorted, click on the “Usage Restriction” tab to decide when your customers will get the heads up about the coupon:

Tweak usage restrictions
Tweak usage restrictions (click to zoom)

For example, let’s say you want to make sure they spend a minimum of $50. That means the coupon will kick in only if they’ve got at least that much in their cart at checkout.

Alternatively, you can also use the Cart Condition section to set up specific rules that need to be met before the coupon can be used:

Advanced Coupons' cart condition features
Advanced Coupons’ cart condition features (click to zoom)

PRO TIP: If your conditions are a bit more complex, go for Cart Conditions instead of Usage Restrictions. This way, you can bundle up multiple conditions together, making it easier to manage.

3. Enable the one-click apply feature.

Lastly, let’s make sure your customers can use the coupon in a jiffy. With the one-click apply feature, they’ll get a heads up in their cart when the coupon’s ready to roll.

So to do so, select the “One Click Apply” tab on Coupon Data, and simply tick the box:

Enable one-click apply option
Enable one-click apply option (click to zoom)

You can also customize the notification message and type to give it that extra personal touch.

Step 4: Send out your coupons.

Finally, you can start sending out your coupons. You have two options:

  • You can either send them out yourself whenever you’re ready,
  • or you can set up automated triggers to send them out at just the right moments, like when customers take certain actions.
SMS Country's text message coupon example
SMS Country’s text message coupon example (click to zoom)

But before you hit send, make sure your coupons are good to go. Try them out yourself or use the preview feature if your tools have it. It’s all about making sure they work smoothly.

And don’t forget to weave your coupons into your overall marketing plan.

Whether it’s through email blasts or social media shout-outs, getting the word out will help your coupons reach more people and make an impact!


As an e-commerce business owner, it’s vital to tap into every resource available to connect with your customers, boost sales, and expand your business. Text message coupons stand out as a potent tool perfectly suited for achieving these goals.

In this article, we shared 4 easy steps to create text message coupons:

  1. Choose an SMS marketing service.
  2. Install an SMS notification plugin.
  3. Create your text message coupons.
  4. Send out your coupons.

We also shared how you can easily create a coupon in just 3 steps using Advanced Coupons:

  1. Create a new coupon.
  2. Adjust usage restrictions or set up a cart condition.
  3. Enable the one-click apply feature.

Do you have any questions about this article? Let us know in the comments!

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