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4 Powerful Ways You Can Entice Customers Using Coupons

It can be challenging for any business owner to entice customers into their store. Thankfully, data proves that sales promotions in the form of coupons are extremely effective at attracting new clients. In the United States alone, most people consider the use of coupons an essential part of shopping. 2018 […]

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New Feature! Import Loyalty Points From Third-Party Plugins

Are you tired of having to manually transfer your loyalty points data whenever you change platforms or plugins? Well, get ready to take a deep breath of relief because we’ve got some exciting news for you! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature – the ability to […]

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It’s Gonna Be May: May Promotion Ideas For Online Stores

May can feel like a long, uneventful month. After the Easter holidays, you may experience a drop in sales and engagement. Therefore, you might be looking for effective May promotion ideas to avoid the pre-summer lull.  Fortunately, there are several ways to improve sales in May. For example, you could […]

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New Feature! Cart Condition For Customers Who Ordered Before

If you’re looking to boost repeat business without going overboard, consider using a coupon cart condition! By offering discounts or free items when customers spend a certain amount or purchase specific products, you can encourage them to make additional purchases. It’s like receiving a surprise reward for being a loyal […]

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How To Always Use Regular Price When Sale Price Exists

When it comes to online shopping, nothing catches the eye of a potential customer like a good sale based on regular price. But as the owner of a WooCommerce store, you might have realized that showing a percentage discount based solely on the sale price doesn’t always accurately reflect the […]

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How To Limit Coupon Usage In WooCommerce (In 3 Easy Steps)

It’s a well-known fact that coupons can benefit businesses in various ways, from attracting new customers to promoting customer loyalty. If this is true, then why is it a good idea to set limits on your customers’ coupon usage? Simply put, if you don’t create coupon usage limits, your customers […]

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New Feature! Cart Condition Based On Stock Availability

Coupons have the power to make shoppers feel like they’ve struck gold by unlocking savings on items they love. But what happens when coupons are used incorrectly or without the proper cart condition? It’s like opening a treasure map only to find that the X is marked on an unreachable […]

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Why Is It Important To Have Admin Control In Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have become essential for businesses to retain customers and increase revenue. However, setting up a loyalty program is not enough to ensure its success. To make the most out of loyalty programs, businesses need to have admin control features in place. The admin control features are essential as […]

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