Feature Announcement: Loyalty Program for WooCommerce

loyalty program

I’m really pumped to be writing this.

One of the big things I wanted for Advanced Coupons since the early days is to be a little bit different from other “coupon feature extenders” (yawn).

There’s so much more scope than just adding some nice extra features to coupons.

Coupons and marketing stores go hand in hand and their scope is only limited to your imagination.

So when brainstorming the directions we wanted to take Advanced Coupons we came up with some really interesting and off the wall stuff. Stuff that you wouldn’t normally associate with a coupon plugin.

Today we’re announcing a new feature called Loyalty Program. In short, it lets you run a loyalty program on your WooCommerce store.

Customer love being able to get discounts, so we view anything in that discounting realm as “within the scope” of our tool.

A Loyalty program, at its core, is a discounting tool that has some pretty amazing side benefits:

  1. Being able to incentivize customers to make an order
  2. Getting customers to increase their order size
  3. Getting customers to order again and again

We’re launching with a basic feature set at the moment with includes:

  • Setting the value of a point (both on the earning and redeeming side)
  • Earning points for orders
  • Min threshold for earning points
  • Min threshold for redeeming
  • Redeeming points for a coupon
  • Viewing your points balance and coupons redeemed (as a customer)
  • Being able to name your points (eg. “DoggieRewards” or “Baby Points”, whatever you like!)

Over the next few weeks we’ll be following up this release with a whole host of new loyalty program related features:

  • Earning bonus points for their first order
  • Earning bonus points during a given promotional period
  • Earning bonus points on account sign up
  • Earning bonus points for higher spend
  • Earning points for leaving a product review
  • Earning points for leaving a blog comment
  • Option to have redeemed coupons expire after a period of time
  • Option to have points expire after a period of time

… plus there’s much more in the pipeline 🙂

If you can bring your loyalty program into Advanced Coupons you’ll be:

  1. Saving on having yet another plugin on your store
  2. Eliminating another plugin or SaaS renewal cost
  3. Giving your customers an amazing feature in-built to your store

We’re really hoping that this new feature will be a leap forward for both Advanced Coupons in being able to offer you more extended features for your store under the one umbrella and also for you as store owners to be able to offer innovative, competition crushing, features without too much extra effort.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

Want to get a loyalty program for your WooCommerce store?
It’s now available in Advanced Coupons. Click here for more information.


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