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Getting Started Video: Features Overview

New to Advanced Coupons?

Watch this high-level introduction video of the features in the Advanced Coupons to get a birds-eye view of what you can do in the plugin.

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Features we cover in the video:

  • The default coupon features that come with WooCommerce
  • What Advanced Coupons extension adds to coupons
  • URL Coupons – using a link to apply a coupon in WooCommerce (great for email marketing!)
  • Scheduler – fine-grained control over when a coupon starts and stops
  • Role Restrictions – which user roles should be allowed to use a coupon (eg. guests only)
  • Cart Conditions – a set of conditions that must be true before a product can be applied (products in cart, product categories in cart, user logged in/out, user roles, within hours after registration, within hours after last order, cart subtotal, cart quantity, has ordered before and much more!)
  • Add Free Products – give away free products when the coupon is applied in WooCommerce (great for samples, bonus products, etc)
  • BOGO deals – Buy One Get One deals in WooCommerce
  • One Click Apply Notifications – detect when a coupon can be applied and show a notice to the customer with a button to apply
  • Auto Apply Coupons – detect when a coupon can be applied and automatically apply it (great for permanent deals like free shipping over $X)

We also cover all the settings screens and more.

Any specific questions? We have lots of other videos in our Knowledge Base and if you’re still stuck, just reach out to our friendly support team.

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