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How To Install And Activate Advanced Coupons For Multisite

WordPress Multisite allows you to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation. If you’re running Advanced Coupons plugin on a Multisite, then it’s important to know how to properly install, activate and update them.

Installation On Multisite

To install the Advanced Coupons plugin, the Super Admin must install it on the Network site. Afterward, this will make the plugin available to all of your subsites.

After the successful installation, go to your WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced Coupons > License to activate your license.

Afterward, you can freely deactivate the Advanced Coupon plugin on your Network site if you don’t need it there and only activate it to the subsites where you need them to.

Updating The Plugin In A Multisite Environment

When updating the Advanced Coupons plugin, simply go to the Network site and activate it to get the new update notice. After it is updated on the Network site, it should also be updated on all of your subsites as well.

License Requirements For Multisite

Please note that you must have an Agency license to activate the plugin and to receive continuous updates for a multisite environment.

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