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Gift Card Dashboard: An Overview

On Advanced Gift Cards Version 1.34 and above we’ve introduced a dedicated page to get an analytical view of the gift cards.

You can easily access this page by going to Coupons > Advanced Gift Cards

Here you’ll be able to get an overview of:

  • Top gift card products that are frequently bought
  • A list of the recently created giftcards
  • An overview of the gift card’s activity like how many have been sold and the value of the purchase/redeemed gift cards

You can also manage gift cards and heading over the Manage Gift Cards section.

Here you can do the following:

  • Edit the gift card’s values and settings (pencil icon)
  • Resend the gift card (mail icon)
  • Delete the gift card (bin icon)

When editing a gift card, you may change or update the following data:

  • Created and expiry date
  • Value of the gift card
  • Status of the gift card, IE redeemed or pending.
  • The code of the gift card
  • The option on who the email will be sent to.
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