How To Restrict Coupons To Guests Only & Other User Roles In WooCommerce

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    Trying to restrict coupons to specific user roles? Want to make a guest-only coupon in WooCommerce?

    This is basically impossible in WooCommerce unless you’re using Advanced Coupons.

    Using Advanced Coupons you can restrict coupons so that they can only be applied if the user belongs to a certain user role and this includes guest users too.

    Here’s a video walk-through showing how it works:

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    After you install Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce you will have a new tab called Role Restrictions which lets you define which user roles are allowed to use this coupon.

    Restrict to user roles

    If the user doesn’t have the correct user role according to the roles that you set they will see an error message. This invalid role error message is customizable too.

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