What Cart Conditions Can I Test For With Advanced Coupons?

Advanced Coupons has the ability to check for certain conditions to be true prior to a coupon being applied in your WooCommerce store.

Here is a full list of the Cart Conditions you can check for:

Products in cart – checks if the specified products are in the cart in the desired quantities
Product categories in cart – check if there are products from the specified categories in the cart
User logged in/out – checks if the user is logged in or not
User roles – checks if the user has the specified roles or not
Within hours after registration – checks how long ago they registered (handy for a discount after first order)
Within hours after last order – checks how long ago they last ordered
Cart subtotal – checks if the cart subtotal exceeds the specified amount
Cart quantity – checks if the total number of items in the cart exceeds the specified amount
Has ordered before – checks if the customer has previously ordered the specified items (across a specific number of prior orders or a specific timeframe)

The beauty about Advanced Coupons is these Cart Conditions can be used in conjunction with one another to create sophisticated AND/OR rules for your coupons.

Here is a collection of videos demonstrating various uses of the Cart Conditions features:

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