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Advanced Coupons Premium

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All Access Bundle

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Advanced Coupons Premium
Advanced Coupons Premium
Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program
Advanced Gift Cards
Advanced Gift Cards (+ includes 85 bonus gift card designs $99 FREE)


Single Site License

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$59.50 / year
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Everything you need to grow and market your WooCommerce store better.

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Unlock powerful coupon features for multiple WooCommerce stores.

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Unlimited Site License

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For groups & agencies looking to implement advanced coupon features.

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14 day guarantee

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Join 20,000+ Happy Store Owners Growing Their Stores With Confidence

Peter Boxall Clear Dog
Peter Boxall

"I use this thing religiously. The amount of styles of deals that I'm now able to do is awesome. Definitely couldn't run my store without it anymore."

Syed Balkhi WP Beginner
Syed Balkhi

"After looking at everything Advanced Coupons has to offer, we’re confident that it’s the best WordPress coupon code plugin."

John Banitsiotis Mediamojo
John Banitsiotis

"The clients we build stores for have always been frustrated by the default coupon options in WooCommerce. With Advanced Coupons they just have much more flexibility than before."

Bob Dunn bobwp.com
Bob Dunn

"For most shop owners, using coupons on their WooCommerce online stores is essential. But basic coupon features don’t always give enough flexibility and creativity for running the best customer deals. That’s where WooCommerce Advanced Coupons plugin comes in."

Colin Newcomer WP Lift
Colin Newcomer

"If you offer a lot of deals at your store, you’ll love the flexibility that the plugin gives you. And because Advanced Coupons is based on the native WooCommerce coupon functionality, you can keep using any other coupon workflows at your store."

Christopher Michael Camo Eyes
Christopher Michael

"I've needed some relatively unique coupon-based pricing rules for a long time, that I could never accomplish until I found Advanced Coupons, it's made things a lot easier for how I run my promotions!"


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BOGO Deal Coupons (Specific Product)

BOGO Deal Coupons (Any Combination Of Products)

BOGO Deal Coupons (Product Categories)

BOGO Deal Coupons (Any Product)

Coupon Dashboard Reports

Store Credit

Admin Store Credit Dashboard & Reporting

Adjust Store Credit Via Admin

Cashback Coupons NEW

Auto-Apply Coupons

Automatically Add Products On Coupon Apply

Apply Coupons Via A URL

One-Click Apply Notifications

Generate Alternate Coupon Codes In Bulk (Virtual Coupons)

Role Restrictions for Coupons

Payment Gateway Restrictions For Coupons

Discount Shipping Methods Using A Coupon

Coupon Scheduling: Start/End Date And Time With Messaging

Coupon Scheduling: Weekly Day/Time Schedule

Organize Coupons Via Categories

Custom Coupon Labels NEW

Coupon Priority Sorting

Reset Coupon Usage Limits On Timer

Block: Single Advanced Coupon

Block: Advanced Coupons by Category

Block: Advanced Coupons by Customer (incl. Virtual Coupons)

Clone/Duplicate Coupons

Show Coupons On Orders Quick Preview

Multi-lingual support With WPML Integration

Multi-currency support With Aelia, WPML, And WOOCS Integrations

Uncanny Automator Integration (Connect Advanced Coupons to OpenAI and 150+ other apps!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Coupons is designed for WooCommerce store owners. It lets them run amazing new types of coupon promotions that you can’t otherwise do with standard WooCommerce coupons.

All of our plugins are specifically built for WooCommerce store owners. We don’t have any plans to accommodate other store systems at this stage.


  • WordPress (latest)
  • WooCommerce (latest)
  • PHP 8 or higher
  • Apache/Nginx
  • MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB

Minimum Supported (it may work on lower versions but we don’t actively test with them):

  • WordPress 5.3
  • WooCommerce 5.5
  • PHP 7.4
  • Apache/Nginx/IIS or other system capable of running WordPress with rewrites
  • MySQL 5.6

Since our software is an installable WordPress plugin we do not have the capability of offering a free trial.

However, we have a free version of Advanced Coupons plugin on WordPress.org so you can try out some of the features before you purchase.

We also have a generous 14-day refund policy if the plugin doesn’t suit your purposes.

Yes, we have a fantastic 14-day refund policy. We’re proud of our product and prepared to refund your money if it isn’t working as you need.

Sorry, we don’t offer discounts on renewals. Maintaining software like Advanced Coupons is a lot of work and requires constant updates to keep up with both WordPress and WooCommerce’s releases.

Beyond just the maintenance, we want to continue innovating, releasing features that no one in the market has covered that we know our store owners will love.

To do these things, we re-invest all of our renewal revenue straight back into the development of the tool.

All renewals are on an automatic subscription, but you can cancel at any time. We will also remind you about your upcoming renewal 1-2 weeks before it happens so you can update credit card details or whatever you need.

As Advanced Coupons Premium is premium software, you need to keep your subscription active for:

  • Continued updates & bug fixes (especially for compatibility with new versions of WooCommerce, WordPress and other 3rd party extensions we are integrated with)
  • Access to premium email support
  • Continued access to premium plugin features

Definitely not. We have built both Advanced Coupons and Loyalty Program carefully with performance in mind because we know that a fast store is a store that sells more. Everything is built to modern standards and kept up to date with frequent releases.

Yes – we test against every minor release of WooCommerce (which happens monthly). We’re also constantly testing compatibility with other themes and plugins to ensure our plugin is bug-free and working in most setups.

We integrate with dozens of the most popular WooCommerce extensions in the ecosystem.

We also integrate tightly with the Uncanny Automator plugin for WordPress which opens up a further 150+ integrations.

We work closely with our partners to keep up with compatibility and ensure a smooth experience.

Check out our full list of integrations here.

Yes you can – if you anticipate using this for more than one client, we suggest our Business license which will let you use it on unlimited websites.

If it’s just for a single project, it might be more cost-effective for the client to purchase and pass the archive to you for installation.

If you require all plugins, then the bundle is definitely for you as you’ll save more on the upfront cost.

WordPress Multi-Site installs must use an Unlimited Sites license. To manage your license you will need to network activate the plugin and activate your license from there.

Yes, we certainly do! You can earn healthy commissions for referring new clients to us. You make the recommendation, we give them the royal treatment. See here for more information.

If you don’t renew your subscription, access to premium features may cease to be accessible via the backend (front end functionality will remain active).

Additionally, you will no longer receive product updates which may mean your site becomes incompatible with the latest version of WordPress & WooCommerce.

We highly recommend staying up to date with your license to ensure continued updates and compatibility with WooCommerce.

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Advanced Coupons Premium
Advanced Coupons Premium
Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program
Advanced Gift Cards
Advanced Gift Cards (+ 85 bonus gift cards $99 FREE)
normally $498
50% Off