The Swiss Army Knife Of WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

Execute new & interesting coupon deals like never before. Advanced Coupons adds all the features you need to succeed.

  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals
  • Free gift products
  • Loyalty program to earn coupons
  • Coupon usage conditions
WooCommerce Advanced Coupons

The Best Investment You'll Make In Your WooCommerce Store This Year

Marketing your WooCommerce store with coupons is NOT a dead end… you just haven’t been given the tools to do it right!

WooCommerce core just doesn’t have the scope to create the kinds of coupon features that are needed to really execute modern marketing offers properly.

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce to the rescue!

This plugin will make your WooCommerce coupons more flexible, easier to use and overall more advanced.

Advanced Coupons WooCommerce Coupon Plugin

BOGO Deals

Create advanced deals like "Buy One Get One" deals. Use it with single products, groups of certain products, or even whole product categories.

Add Products

Give coupons that automatically add products to your customer's cart. Override the price with a special discount or give it free.

Loyalty Program

Incentivize and reward your customers with a loyalty program. Customers earn points that they can later redeem for coupons.

Cart Conditions

Check for certain products in the cart, check the subtotal, check when they last ordered something. Lots of advanced condition checks available.


Schedule your coupons so they are only valid on a strict timeline. Give messages to users who try to use it outside of that timeframe.

Auto Apply

Use cart conditions to check if a coupon can be automatically applied or not. Apply and unapply coupons automatically without user intervention.

URL Coupons

Let your customers apply coupons via a simple URL visit. Fantastic for use in email campaigns or via support channels.

Shipping Coupons

Create extremely powerful deals on shipping beyond just giving free shipping. Give discounts on any shipping method in your system.

Bob Dunn

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce
5  5/5 Stars

"For most shop owners, using coupons on their WooCommerce online stores is essential. But basic coupon features don’t always give enough flexibility and creativity for running the best customer deals. That’s where WooCommerce Advanced Coupons plugin comes in."

Colin Newcomer WP Lift

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce
5  5/5 Stars

"If you offer a lot of deals at your store, you’ll love the flexibility that the plugin gives you. And because Advanced Coupons is based on the native WooCommerce coupon functionality, you can keep using any other coupon workflows at your store."

WP Mayor

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce
5  5/5 Stars

"Coupons have such great ability to transform your WooCommerce store into a money-making powerhouse, you just have to structure them right and have the right tools behind you."

The WooCommerce Coupon Plugin
Trusted By Store Owners To Grow Their Store's Revenue

Used by established stores around the world to run their coupon deals and conduct more kinds of coupon deals in WooCommerce.

Peter Boxall - Clear Dog Treats
Peter Boxall - Clear Dog Treats
Store Owner -
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"I use the features in Advanced Coupons daily now. It runs pretty much all the coupon deals that we're running and makes sure that the customer has the right things in their cart. I'm using it for the coupons included in my email marketing too. My email tool lets me automatically send to people who fit a certain criteria and I make sure the coupons included there have Cart Conditions to ensure only the right people use them. Slowly starting to add more and more of these automated deals and it's responsible for a good deal of the revenue I'm getting from past customers."

Clear Dog Treats (Pet Products Niche)

Peter, the man behind Clear Dog Treats e-commerce store, uses Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce to enforce coupon deals that are being sent out automatically to customers. They also actively create and promote coupons via mediums such as Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and their weekly newsletter.

Advanced Coupons gives them the enforceability to create coupons and know they will not be mis-used. It also lets them try out lots of different kinds of deals and to put the successful ones into an automated email sequence so they can earn from it again and again.

They are on track to smash their target of 8-figures a year thanks, in part, to Advanced Coupons.

CamoEyes (Beauty/Novelty Products Niche)

Christopher runs a unique store with a unique product, they sell contact lenses that change your eye color. 

They found Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce while trying to satisfy some unique pricing rules for their products and the discounts customers should get in certain situations.

Advanced Coupons let them create WooCommerce coupons that automatically apply themselves for certain situations.

They also use it to run season type promotions with very specific rules around shipping and it has helped grow their revenue in these periods.

Christopher Michael - CamoEyes
Christopher Michael - CamoEyes
Store Owner -
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"I've needed some relatively unique coupon-based pricing rules for a long time, that I could never accomplish until I found Advanced Coupons, it's made things a lot easier for how I run my promotions!"

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Get WooCommerce Advanced Coupons

Want to do more interesting stuff with your WooCommerce coupons? You need Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce.
Add extra features such as cart conditions, a loyalty program, BOGO deals, adding products, scheduling, role restrictions, auto-apply coupons & more!

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