Advanced Coupons API

We’ve introduced REST APIs with our Advanced Coupons Suite. Right now we have APIs for

  • Advanced Coupons
  • Loyalty Program
  • Store Credits

Each of the APIs has a minimum version for each plugin but please rest assured that if you are on the latest version everything should work fine. Here’s what you can do with each API

Advanced Coupons

Virtual Coupons, introduced in version 3.0

  • Query list virtual coupons
  • Fetch virtual coupon states
  • Create, update & delete virtual coupons
  • Bulk create & delete virtual coupons

Search Customers

  • Get Woocommerce Customer Data

Advanced Coupons Settings

  • Fetch settings section
  • Fetch sections list of fields
  • Read, update & delete setting options

Loyalty Program


  • Get customer data like overall points, top customers etc.


  • Get specific customers data and adjust points


  • Fetch settings section
  • Fetch settings section list of fields
  • Read, update & delete option settings


  • Fetch user points & balance
  • Fetch user-redeemed coupons
  • Fetch user points history
  • redeem coupons using user points

Store Credits

Create Store Credit Entries

  • List store credits entries
  • Delete, update and fetch entries
  • Create store credit

Get Customers Data

  • Manage specific customer statistics
  • Query list customer’s store credits
  • Get dashboard statistics

For more information visit here: REST API – Advanced Coupons API (

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