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How to Import Loyalty Points from Third-Party Plugins?

We have introduced a new feature in the Loyalty Program for WooCommerce version 1.8.2 and higher, which enables the seamless import and migration of loyalty points from third-party plugins to the Loyalty Points plugin.

To do this simply go through our migration wizard and select the plugin that you wish to import loyalty points. The migration wizard can be found in Coupons > Loyalty Program > Settings > Advanced Tools

Once you’ve selected the plugin you’d like to migrate from simply click the blue import button. You may also see a checkbox asking if you’d like to deactivate the plugin after importing.

We recommend leaving this activated or enabled as having 2 plugins that have similar features will likely cause conflicts or issues.

At the moment the loyalty points migration wizard only supports the importing of loyalty points data from the Points and Rewards plugin: WooCommerce Points and Rewards – WooCommerce

So if you have a plugin that you’d like to migrate from and it’s currently not available please reach out to us and request it 🙂

You can do so here: Submit Support Ticket – Advanced Coupons (advancedcouponsplugin.com)

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