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Loyalty Program

How To Setup A Loyalty Program (Feature Overview)

A loyalty program is a great way to increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and the number of repeat purchases...

How To Manage Loyalty Points In Loyalty Program Admin Dashboard

Loyalty Program – Dashboard Tab Managing your customers’ points is super easy with the Loyalty Program For WooCommerce plugin admin...

How To Revoke Loyalty Points

The Loyalty Program For WooCommerce plugin lets your customers earn points from making purchases which is a great way to...

Loyalty Program Getting Started Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Loyalty Program For WooCommerce! This document is a guide to help you get started with...

How to Set the Maximum Points that can be Redeemed at once?

In Loyalty Program For WooCommerce version 1.3, we released a new feature that allows you to set a maximum limit...

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