Can You Add More Product Types To The Product Search Boxes?

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    Advanced Coupons is designed to work with the core product types and it ignores other product types added by other extensions by default.

    This is partly due to safety and partly due to us not supporting an “official” integration with those extensions (as there may be other aspects of the integration to be looked at beyond just being able to select the products in search boxes).

    But, in some cases, integration can be as simple as needing to be able to search for the products within our interfaces search boxes and for those cases, we have introduced a filter so that this can be done via code.

    Here’s an example snippet showing how a product type called “Booking” can be added to the products available for searching:

    add_filter( 'acfw_product_search_allowed_types' , 'support_booking_product_type_in_search' );
    function support_booking_product_type_in_search( $allowed_types ) {
        $allowed_types[] = 'booking';
        $allowed_types[] = 'bundle';
        $allowed_types[] = 'composite';
        return $allowed_types;

    Adjust the snippet and include it in your functions.php or via a drop-in plugin.

    You can use this filter to add to the allowed types, which by default, only support simple and product variations.

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