How To Use Store Credit

In Advanced Coupon for WooCommerce Free 4.0, we added a new feature called Store Credits. It allows you to add a store credit account to your customer’s profiles that you can credit for them to use toward purchases. Store credits can be used during checkout towards payment.

Store Credits Dashboard

You can find Store Credits Dashboard in Coupons > Store Credits

In the Dashboard tab, you can get a glance at how many unclaimed and used credits are on your store. 

Store Credits Dashboard

In the Customer tab, you can find a list of your customer and manage their store credit balance.

Customer tab in Store Credits Dashboard.

You can view the full detail of the customer’s store credit history by clicking the View Stats button. You can see the customer’s Store Credit Status, Sources, and History.  

The layout of a customer store credit status.

Both Administrator and Shop Manager can increase or decrease the store credit balance on the customer account by clicking on the Adjust button. 

Store Credits on My Account Page

We added the Store Credit tab in the My Account Page automatically for your customer to check the Store Credit balance they have.

Store credits tab in My Account page.

Store Credits as Payment

Your customer could use their store credits balance to pay for their orders if they want. They can input whatever amount they want to pay using the store credit and pay the difference with other payment methods available on your website.

The customer can opt to pay the order with store credit

If the customer chooses to pay the order using store credit partially or in full, it’ll be treated as a discount in the order details.

The store credit used is labeled as discount in the order details.

Refund to Store Credit

With the addition of the store credit, now you can refund give an option to refund your customer order as a store credit. This works just like the regular WooCommerce refund process but changes the refund into a credit balance which your customer can buy other products in your store. You can find this option when you click the Refund option in the Edit Order page.

Refund to Store Credit Option in the Edit Order Page

Apply for Store Credits On The Order

If a customer forgets to apply store credits you are able to use it on the order editor page of an existing order. You’ll see an Apply Store Credits button, when clicked it’ll have a popup asking for input or the value of the store credits, the store credit’s max is automatically retrieved from the user’s account.

There are a couple of rules to use this feature

  • The apply store credits button will only show if the order is set to Pending, Draft or On-Hold
  • You can only apply the store credits once, after it’s been applied the button will be gone.
  • Only able to use it for logged-in customers’ purchases. It’s not possible to use the apply store credits feature for guest purchases.

There are also 2 ways to apply for the store credits, before tax and shipping or after tax and shipping. This setting can be found in Coupons > Settings > Store Credits > Store credit apply type.

The information shown on the order editor page will depend on the apply type setting.

For the Apply store credits on checkout before tax and shipping option, you’ll see a coupon labeled store credit

When the x is clicked for the store credit coupon is removed then the apply coupon button will be visible again.

For the Apply store credit on checkout after tax and shipping option the store credit is directly added to the grand total

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