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How To Use The Cart Subtotal Cart Condition

As part of your deal you might wish to restrict the usage of your coupon by only allowing it when a certain cart subtotal has been reached.

This can be achieved in Advanced Coupons with the Cart Subtotal cart condition.

You’ll find this cart condition under the Cart Conditions tab on the edit screen of your coupon.

Click to add a condition group, then a new condition. You can find Cart Subtotal in the drop down list.

Here is a video tutorial:

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To configure, simply:

  1. Add the cart condition Cart Subtotal
  2. Set the Condition drop down to whatever you need (eg. MORE THAN)
  3. Then set the amount to match the condition (eg. MORE THAN 150 for testing if the cart is over 150 subtotal)
  4. Save the coupon and test on the front end to ensure its doing what you want


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