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How To Apply A Coupon With A URL (URL Coupons)

URL Coupons essentially mean when you can create a coupon and it’ll generate an URL. You can use this link to apply the coupon. This works great for email marketing. You can put the URL in a button and have your customer click the button to apply the coupon.

URL Coupon setting

This works well for an immediate coupon like 15% off the total cart. When the customer clicks the link, they’ll get redirected to the cart and there’ll be a notice in the cart when the coupon is applied successfully.

Default success message

You can customized the success message in URL Coupons > Custom Success Message. You can adjust it to add a specific message or instruction for the customer.

Custom success message

If you have set a Cart Condition to this coupon (eg: Minimum cart subtotal of $50), the Coupon URL won’t work immediately if the cart is empty. This is because the coupon is considered invalid because it doesn’t satisfy the cart condition.

Error notice when you’re using Coupon URL with Cart Condition and the condition hasn’t been met.

This could be quite confusing for some customers. The workaround for this is to adjust the non-qualifying message of the cart conditions to clearly describe the requirement. For example:

Customized the non-qualifying message

When a customer clicks the Coupon URL and they haven’t met the condition, it’ll show this notice instead:

This way your customer has better understanding why the coupon isn’t applied and they’ll have more information to be eligible for the coupon.

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