URL Coupons

How To Fix URL Coupon Redirecting To The Homepage Instead Of The Given URL In The Redirect To URL Setting

If you have configured a URL coupon on your coupon in Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce, then you’ll have noticed the...

How To Fix URL Coupon’s Going To An Error 404 Page

After setting up the URL Coupon settings, the Coupon URL should redirect you properly to the Cart page and apply...

How To Apply A Coupon With A URL (URL Coupons)

General Setting URL Coupons essentially mean when you can create a coupon and it’ll generate an URL. You can use...

How To Fix The URL Coupon Not Applying For The Non-logged-in User?

After clicking the URL Coupon, it should redirect you to the cart page by default or the URL you’ve set...

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