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Loyalty Points Redemption Changes to Store Credit

We are changing the way the Loyalty Points are redeemed in Loyalty Program for WooCommerce 1.8. Read on to learn more about this important change.

Previous Situation

Up to Loyalty Program for WooCommerce 1.7.1, you can redeem loyalty points as a one-time usage coupon that has an expiry date.

Since we introduced Store Credit functionality into our Advanced Coupon for WooCommerce free plugin, we have received a lot of requests to redeem the loyalty points into a store credit instead.

We’re happy to report that this will be implemented in 1.8!

Current Situation (Version 1.8+)

From Loyalty Program for WooCommerce 1.8 and onwards, loyalty points now get redeemed as store credit.

The ratio for points to store credit will still be set in the loyalty program settings and it will inherit the current value from the points to price ratio setting. Rest assured, the current redeeming ratio you have set will not change and you won’t have to adjust anything in this regard.

Wording will change on the front end to reflect that they will now be redeeming the points to store credit which can then be used in the checkout.

What about existing redeemed coupons?

Existing unused coupons that have already been redeemed by your customers will still be valid for them to use until their expiry date.

Additionally, for customers that do have existing redeemed coupons, the redeemed coupons table will still show on the My Account area for them. Once they’ve used those up, it will disappear.

Do I need to use store credit?

Since this is a major change in the way points are redeemed we can’t maintain two different methods of redeeming (and it would be confusing to present both options to customers) so for the future of the project we chose to commit to store credits.

You will need the Store Credit module to be enabled in order for you to use Loyalty Program for WooCommerce.

Will my customers notice any change and do I need to do anything else special for this?

Aside from some wording change on the front end and the removal of the redeemed coupons table on the My Account area, there will be no other visible changes.

Your existing settings will be used for the redeeming ratio, so there’s nothing else you need to do once this comes into effect.

We’re confident this change will help you retain more customers and get them coming back to your store to make more purchases! Enjoy!

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