7 Tactics You Should Be Using To Promote Your Store In The 2018 Sales Season

Promote Your Store sales season

What a fantastic time of year!

I’m pumped! Are you?

The sales season is upon us, people, and it’s time to get revenue up and bring customers on board.

What’s that? You’re not sure what to do to promote your store this 2018 sales season?

Well… I have your back.

What Is Sales Season?

The sales season (sometimes called the Holiday Sales or Holiday Season) is that magical time in the last few months of the year where all the stars align for store owners around the world.

People are getting into holiday/Xmas mode. They’re getting their gifts organised. And they’re wanting to spend all that hard earned cash they’ve been working all year to save.

We have some seriously big occasions coming up!

  • Halloween
  • 11/11 “Singles” day (which weirdly a lot of shopping specials happen on)
  • US Thanksgiving (though stores are generally closed people shop in the weeks leading up)
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas

All of these days and periods occur between the end of October and the end of December. There’s barely a week in there where we aren’t leading up to something.

It’s a sales person’s wet dream!

What Should I Be Doing As A Store Owner?

As a store owner, you have a huge opportunity in front of you! It’s time to run some deals, get some people involved and create a lot of buzz about your store.

Below is a list of my 7 top promotion ideas you should be working on this sales season.

#1. Reach Out To Your Affiliates

You do run an affiliate program, right? If not, you should start one before the sales and recruit some bloggers, social media influencers and affiliates pronto!

Having an affiliate program lets you attract more customers without doing the marketing yourself. Your affiliates bring in the customers and you sell them.

Need to start an affiliate program on your WooCommerce store? I recommend the AffiliateWP extension, it’s very simple to use and fast to set up so you can get it done before the sales period starts.

Reaching out to your affiliates is a great way to build the buzz and prepare people for what is coming.

What should you tell them?

  • Tell them about your promotions – exactly what you have planned for what days and when they should promote
  • Give them some graphics they will need to promote those products (tip: create special promotional graphics for each sales day)
  • Get them excited about how much they could earn – affiliate love numbers
  • Write up some sample scripts they can easily email to their email lists – this makes it almost too easy for them to promote you

#2. Reactivate Existing Customers

I’m not sure who said it, but there’s a quote that goes around saying that it’s easier to sell to an existing customer compared to recruiting a new customer.

Whoever it was, they’re 100% right.

Reactivating existing customers who haven’t purchased in a while is the #1 missed opportunity by store owners.

You do have to go about it in the right way though.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Take into account their prior purchase history
  2. Give them a coupon deal that will appeal to them based on their activities
  3. The higher the relevance, the more effective the deal will be

Because they’ve already done business with you, you don’t need to tell them about your company, you just need to provide them with the opportunity.

Upsell or cross-sell them, it’s up to you. Just make sure it’s relevant to their needs and don’t be afraid to segment your customer audience and run multiple different promotions.

Hint: you can use Advanced Coupons extension to

#3. Ramp Up Your Advertising Spend

If you’re using paid acquisition and paying for advertising this is the time of year to double down.

Because of the sales and because of the overall “mood of buying” as I like to call it, you’ll likely be experiencing your highest conversion rates on your spend.

Doubling down your advertising spend will drive more sales at a time where it’s most effective for you.

#4. Use Limitation Pressure On Every Deal

On every deal, you should be using some sort of pressure aspect.

A time limitation makes massive sense this time of year because we have hard dates.

You can also utilise tools like countdown timers to great effect. I recently used one of these on an October/Halloween promotion and it was the most effective promotion we’ve ever run due to it.

If you don’t want to do a time limit you can also try doing a limit on the number of items.

For example, only 100 items in stock and first come, first served. If you miss out, you miss out.

OptinMonster is a popup lead generation tool and they’ve just introduced a few enhancements to their countdown timers. I highly recommend using something like this for your promotions this year.

#5. Create Freebies

Freebies are an amazing draw card and attention grabber.

If you can create some freebies to give away with orders you’ll be laughing as the orders come rolling in.

There’s nothing quite as awesome as getting something for free and customers respond really well to deals which have an added free bonus.

Can you create some freebies? Maybe you could even create a free digital download in exchange for an email?

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

#6. Run Irresistible Giveaways

Now comes the fun. Giveaways!

A giveaway serves multiple purposes:

  1. You can get people excited about winning something
  2. You can take their email address for future marketing opportunities
  3. Get them to share the giveaway to encourage a viral loop

Giveaway tools like KingSumo are fantastic for this exact purpose because they let you set up a page quickly where people can enter and share your giveaway for extra entry points.

The important part is to collect emails though because then you can continue the conversation long after the giveaway is over.

People love a giveaway and they love them, even more, this time of year.

#7. Pump Your Email Lists

Lastly, I want to encourage you to pump your email lists.

For some reason, people seem averse to sending too many emails to their lists.

Do you know how many offer emails I received last year? It was crazy. Literally hundreds.

The fact is that only 20-30% of your list will even open your email, the rest won’t even see it.

You’ll need multiple touch points and multiple offers over time to even reach a small segment of your list.

And if people unsubscribe that is actually a good thing because you no longer have someone on your list that wasn’t going to convert anyway.

So don’t be afraid to send emails!

Have some other ideas?

We’d love to hear more about what you’re planning this sale season and how you are running your promotions.

If you use WooCommerce to run your store, you’ll need an extension like Advanced Coupons to schedule those coupons, set cart conditions and run BOGO deals so go check out the features while you’re here!

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