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It’s Our Advanced Coupons Launchiversary!

2021 Advanced Coupons Launchiversary

July is an EXTRA special month for us here at Advanced Coupons – it’s our Launchiversary!

The 28th of July last year was when we announced our free plugin to the multi-verse and we’re celebrating because in that time it’s grown to 10,000 users – which we’re super pumped about!

We still pinch ourselves how quickly Advanced Coupons free plugin has grown, in just the last 12 months we:

  1. Made it to 10,000 active installs 🚀
  2. Released 18x times 😮
  3. Gained over 85x amazing customer reviews across .org, Capterra, and G2 crowd! 🤗

Why We Launched Advanced Coupons Free Plugin

We had a pretty successful premium version of Advanced Coupons already, so why launch a free plugin at all?

Sure, we could have just continued building up our premium plugin and plugging away gaining one or two customers at a time, but we were also wanting to live up to one of our big company-wide beliefs:

“To democratize access to tools and level the playing field”

With Advanced Coupons, we knew from talking to our customers that many of them were in the first stages of growing their business and while they were quite often willing to pay up for a big value tool like ours, sometimes they only needed a few important features immediately to kick start that growth.

So the team came together and discussed what a free version might look like to give the right amount of value to our store owners so they unlock some of that immediate growth and, assuming they saw the value, upgrade to gain access to the rest of the toolset.

This ethos of helping store owners grow FIRST is really what helped us explode the Advanced Coupons free plugin over the last 12 months.

Plans For The Future

We’re really putting our pedal to the metal now and we want to grow our plugin even more.

There’s some really great stuff coming out from the Advanced Coupons team at the moment and in the near future:

Loyalty Program For WooCommerce

Loyalty Program for WooCommerce just launched last month – it’s a full-fledged loyalty points & rewards plugin for WooCommerce.

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your repeat orders and get customers ordering more, this is it!

BOGO Enhancements (Coming Soon)

We’re digging deep on our popular BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals feature to help smooth out the configuration process and make it even better.

Virtual Coupons (Coming Soon)

I’m super excited for this one. Virtual coupons give you a way to generate bulk lots of codes that you can give to individual customers to activate the same coupon.

Need 1,000 codes for the same abandoned cart coupon deal? Don’t clog up your Coupons list with 1,000 of the same coupon just with a different name, use Virtual Coupons!

How about a welcome coupon, need to generate another 200 of those? Easy peasy, just click generate and you’ll have the list ready to copy and paste.

We’re also building out the API for this one, so look out for some sweet integrations in the future!

Gutenberg Blocks (Coming Soon)

Oh yeah, baby. Want to drop your coupon into a blog post? Want to make a whole list of them appear? Gutenberg blocks are on the way!

Gutenberg is the future of WordPress and we’re getting on board in a big way, pretty soon you’ll be finding exclusive Advanced Coupons Gutenberg blocks arriving in your editors.

The Future Is Exciting – How To Get Onboard

Advanced Coupons is just getting started and we’d love to have you on board!

If you’re new here, consider downloading and using our free Advanced Coupons plugin.

If you’ve been using Advanced Coupons free and you’re ready to kick it up a notch then the Premium plugin will add even MORE juicy goodness to your coupons.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring!

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Josh Kohlbach CEO

2 thoughts on “It’s Our Advanced Coupons Launchiversary!

  1. I use Advanced Coupons premium and the Wholesale Suite and I highly recommend them. Not only for all the features, but above all the excellent service given by Josh and the team, they do a great job and are very helpful.

    Will start using the loyalty programme after the summer and I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the others.


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