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How To Grow Your Store With A Coupon Code WooCommerce Plugin

How To Grow Your Store With A Coupon Code WooCommerce Plugin

Using a coupon code WooCommerce plugin is a great way to enhance your WooCommerce coupons with more advanced features.

The default features in WooCommerce concerning coupons are satisfactory for essential promotions but overall very underpowered.

Using a coupon code WooCommerce extension, you can open up a range of other coupon deal types on your store.

And by being able to run different types of deals on your store, you’re in a much better position to grow it, as you will see if you keep reading this post.

Coupon Code WooCommerce Plugin

But first, I want to sell you the benefits of using a coupon code WooCommerce plugin.

In my opinion (and I may be biased!), the best coupon code WooCommerce plugin is Advanced Coupons. You’re actually on our site right now.

Go and check out the features and pricing here.

The reason I think it’s the best is not just because it’s my product; it’s because we’ve built it in conjunction with WooCommerce store owners.

Here’s a summary of the kinds of things people asked us to make it do when we built it. You can’t do the following without it.

  1. BOGO Deals – Buy One, Get One style deals are by far the most powerful deal you can make for your customers. People eat these types of deals up!
  2. Check cart conditions before applying the coupon – enforcing the rules of your promotion is very difficult if you can’t check for those conditions. Our plugin lets you check all conditions before applying a coupon.
  3. Set start and end schedules for coupons – handy for managing when a coupon is valid and providing appropriate messaging when it’s outside of that time period.
  4. Restrict coupons to certain user roles – check the user’s role prior to applying to make sure they’re allowed to use this coupon. This is very useful for stores with multiple user roles, such as wholesale roles.
  5. Option to automatically apply coupons based on cart conditions – automatically applying coupons can be very handy for situations.
  6. Show coupon notifications with one click to apply buttons – similar to auto-applied coupons, but this one shows a notice to the customer with a button to claim the deal.
  7. Generate URLs for use in emails – create URLs that apply the coupon for you.

Create Flexibility In The Types Of Deals You Can Run

I get it – I’m a store owner too! And as a store owner, I strongly believe we shouldn’t be hampered by the technology we use when trying to run our businesses.

WooCommerce’s default coupon interface is so frustratingly restrictive that it stops you from running certain types of deals.

At first glance, you can already see the massive difference that Advanced Coupons add to the WooCommerce Coupon option.

Here’s what the native WooCommerce Coupon Tab looks like vs. the expanded WooCommerce Coupon Tab with the Advanced Coupons Plugin installed:

Native Woocommerce Coupon

Native WooCommerce Coupon
Native WooCommerce Coupon (click to zoom)

Note that with the built-in WooCommerce Coupon options, you are only limited to just three tabs on the left. These give you a few choices on what to do with your coupons.

Advanced Coupons Added

Advanced Coupons Added
Advanced Coupons Added (click to zoom)

The first thing you will see is that it adds more tabs on the left compared to just the three tabs that the regular WooCommerce Coupon Code has.

Advanced Coupons can also manage discounts connected to affiliates that you might have if you are running an affiliate program.

It also expanded the scheduler and the shipping options on the native WooCommerce coupon tab. These were initially included in the general section of original WooCommerce Coupon options.

What we crave is flexibility. With the Advanced Coupons plugin added, we can run the deals we want for our customers.

For instance, BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals are impossible in the default WooCommerce coupons. These are the most popular deals that store owners like us want to run.

Flexibility is a key reason why a coupon code WooCommerce plugin is essential. If you want to be more advanced about your promotions, you need a coupon code plugin like Advanced Coupons.

Growing Your Store With Coupons

So now that you’ve been sold on the benefits of having a coupon code WooCommerce extension let’s talk about growing your store.

A key component of growing a successful store has a solid marketing strategy. I have observed this over the past 7.5 years running a web development consulting company and then a digital product company (selling software like Advanced Coupons).

It’s also vital that your marketing strategy features a well-thought-out coupon marketing strategy.

If you aren’t using coupons in your store, I strongly suggest you build them into your overall marketing plans.

Store owners often dismiss coupons as bargain-basement discounting, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The type of coupon deals I’m talking about incorporating with a coupon code WooCommerce plugin like Advanced Coupons is not about straight discounting at all.

They’re more about doing creative deal types and getting personalized deals happening. This is more innovative marketing than just discounting.

One of the huge advantages of online stores vs. retail stores is that you can appeal just to one person by sending them a specific coupon for a specific deal. This is where the power of coupons comes into play in your marketing.

A way to grow your store using coupons is to deploy very ultra-specific deals. This is to encourage the kind of behavior you want from your customers.

  • Target customers who just bought a laptop computer with a coupon for a discount on backup storage devices
  • Select customers who bought a small bottle of skincare face cream with a personalized deal on a giant bottle
  • Find owners who bought a beef dog treat within 30 days. Offer to try a new kangaroo ribs dog treat product you’re launching.
  • Choose people who bought a hiking tour package within the last week. Offer a limited-time offer of a half-price glow worm cave tour if they book within 48 hours.
  • Target customers that buy a pair of sunglasses with a 2-for-1 polo shirt offer

Targeted deals such as these enable you to encourage customer buying behavior how you want it. This is a tactic that the big grocery store chains and department store chains are just cottoning onto.

Now that this same concept of creating ultra-specific targeted deals, imagine creating 10s or 100s of them!

Next, imagine having those deals delivered via automation, so you set up the deal once, then grow on autopilot.

Using Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce in conjunction with modern email marketing automation tools like Drip is 100% possible. And it can enable huge scalability when it comes to coupon marketing in your store.

Think You Need A Coupon Code WooCommerce Plugin?

So are you sold on using coupons to grow your store yet?

The potential is there for any store to be smarter about utilizing coupons. You have to get creative, think systematically, and watch how it scales.

If you think your store could benefit significantly from a coupon code WooCommerce plugin like Advanced Coupons, you should go and review the features and pricing.

We’d love to have you on board as a customer. We would also love to see your store grow using some of the strategies we discussed today in this post!

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