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Customer Care Package Ideas To Send With Your Orders

Customer Care Package Ideas To Send With Your Orders

It might be difficult to connect with your customers in a meaningful way at times. That’s where the customer care package comes in; they’re a thoughtful and personal method to show your customers that you appreciate their business and are concerned about their experience.

By including a small gift with their orders, you are not only strengthening your relationship with them but also creating a memorable and enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

In this article, we’ll look at some comforting and innovative care package ideas that will make your customers feel valued and cared for. So get ready to add a human touch to your e-commerce business and build long-lasting relationships with your clients!

Customer Care Packages

I love that feeling — a mixture of expectation and trepidation — when something I’ve ordered online finally arrives and I get to tear open the package. Especially if it’s a package from someone I’ve never ordered from before.

That’s where the trepidation comes in handy!

Even if you’re a sensible consumer and you’ve done your research, there’s still a huge level of trust involved when you try out a new online retailer.

Customer Care Packages
Customer Care Packages (click to zoom)

Sometimes it’s not just about getting what you’ve ordered. Smart online retailers know they have an opportunity to hook you depending and it all hinged on the experience of that first time.

Have they sent you the product you ordered, your packing slip or invoice, and nothing else? If that’s all you’ve received, that merchant is missing out on a huge opportunity.

Don’t be one of those merchants.

Customer Care Package Ideas To Send

How can you show your customers that you care? That you want them to return? What are you doing to motivate their return?

First, be sure to add a customer care package. Don’t blow your customer off with anything more than an invoice that has a single sentence at the bottom saying thank you for your business.

Make sure that every customer whether this is their first order or their fifteenth order gets a customer care package. Because even if they are ordering for the fifteenth time if for some reason their expectations on what they ordered fall short, you have the opportunity to counterbalance that.

The beauty of doing this is that it can cost you next to nothing, or even nothing at all depending on what you include. Either you or your customer is already paying the cost of shipping.

For low or no-cost items you can include a handwritten note, coupons against future purchases, or referral cards for your customer to pass on to friends or family.

1. Thank You Cards

Have you ever done something especially thoughtful for someone and received a thank you card expressing gratitude? I don’t know about you, but I always get a little bit of a warm, fuzzy feeling when somebody takes the time to do that.

I’m not suggesting you’ll get that same level of warm fuzzies from this type of thank you card, but they do have an impact as well.

Thank You Card Examples
Thank You Card Examples (click to zoom)

Knowing that a merchant is willing to take the time to offer such a thoughtful gesture can build loyalty. Especially if the thank you card is handwritten and personalized.

Granted, depending on the volume of your business, this can be very difficult to scale, so you’ll need to decide whether it’s even feasible. But if possible, and especially if you’re just getting your business going, this type of insert can be wildly effective, so use it to your advantage.

Thank you note tips:

  • Use quality stationery
  • Use the customer’s name.
  • Clearly state your thanks.
  • Give specific details about what you enjoyed about the experience.
  • Suddenly refer to future business with the customer.
  • Close with a professional sign-off.

Remember, some of these are going to depend on the size of your business. Only you can determine what’s right in your situation.

2. Coupons – Discounts Against Future Purchases

If you read through the thank you note section above, you’ll see that one of the recommendations was to refer to future business opportunities with the customer.

Increase the chances of getting future business by including a discount offer in the package. This is much more effective than sending them a coupon by email. I won’t get into all of the psychology, but this tangible offer and reminder go a long way.

Coupon Example (click to zoom)

If you want to ramp up your chances of future business, put some thought into the coupon echoes in the package. If you include a coupon that incorporates some FOMO or perhaps one that’s geared toward seasonal products.

Another good idea is to make sure these offers are time-sensitive. For example, you can offer a discount against their next purchase, as long as that purchase is made within X amount of time. If you are using WooCommerce for your store, you can enforce this restriction by using a Cart Condition with the Advanced Coupons extension.

Coupon tips:

  • Fear of missing out.
  • $X against your next order.
  • Free shipping on your next order.
  • X% off your next order.
  • Gift or free upgrade with your next order.

You know your store better than anyone, so offer a coupon that works for you.

3. Referral Cards

 A study done by Nielsen states that when referred by a friend, people are 4 times more likely to make a purchase. On the flip side, research done by Texas Tech says that 83% of customers polled said they’re happy to recommend their favorite products to their friends, yet only 29% of them do.

That means there’s a huge potential to get referral business. It makes sense that you should have a marketing strategy in place that encourages your customers to take action and refer friends or family.

And you have a beautifully simple way of doing so.

Simply add a referral card to your customer care package.

Referral Cards (click to zoom)

You do have some options here, and it’s going to be up to you how you want to handle this, but you may want to leverage this even further by offering your customer added incentive to refer their friends. So not just a simple card for them to pass on, but a bonus or discount if you get an order from a referral.

Even without the above-mentioned added incentive, a referral card can still work if you’ve done your job well. Meaning your customer received exactly what they wanted, they received a thank you note that impress them, and they received a coupon against a future purchase.

By this time, they’re suitably impressed. They may even be thinking about their future purchases with you. If there are some referral cards in their package, the probability of them, passing them on our high.

Remember those numbers stated above. 83% of customers said they would be happy to refer a friend or family member, but only 29% do. Based on those numbers, I would be adding several referral cards to every package I sent out.

Referral Program (click to zoom)

If you included these with every order, from a mathematical and probabilities standpoint alone, you could exponentially increase your business.

Why would you miss out on an opportunity like this?

Is that it? Are those the only thing you could add to a customer care package?

Absolutely not!

Here are some other ideas that you may want to consider including in your customer care package, but as with the above, the size of your business and the cost involved in including these need to be a factor.

  • Product samples.
  • Small gifts.
  • Product care information.
  • How-to guides and tutorials.
  • Recipes or cookbooks (If you sell kitchen appliances)

This is by no means exhaustive. Depending on what you sell, there could be numerous options. Give it some thought. Get creative.


You understand that offering excellent customer service is essential for developing great relationships with your customers. But how can you go above and beyond to show that you genuinely care?

One approach is to send a thoughtful care box with their orders. This gesture not only demonstrates your appreciation for their business but also adds a personal touch that can make a lasting impact.

In this article, we’ll look at some unique and heartfelt customer care package ideas to make your customers feel cherished and loved. So, get ready to share some love and create a remarkable experience that will have your consumers returning for more!

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