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How To Sell Gift Cards In WooCommerce

Gift cards have saved people from the challenge of picking the perfect gift. Due to its versatility and overall convenience, it has been widely supported by budget-conscious shoppers from all over the world for over two decades.

Today, the demand for gift cards continued to grow in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. According to GlobeNewswire, digital gift cards are flourishing faster than other sectors. By 2027, the worldwide market is anticipated to reach $2.7 trillion.

Recently, we launched Advanced Gift Cards for the WooCommerce plugin. It is guaranteed to be a game-changer for any e-commerce store that wants a comprehensive gift card program. We know you are excited and interested in this new plugin, so read on.

What Are Gift Cards

Gift cards, also known as digital gift cards or e-gift cards, are virtual cards that can be used to buy products from a store. Each has an assigned gift code and is mostly sent via email. 

When it comes to indecisive and impulse customers, gift vouchers are the perfect solution. They will not have a problem if the recipient does not like the present, as it can be used to purchase anything from the store.

Our Advanced WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin enables you to have a seamless yet extensive gift program for your customers. This plugin allows your buyers to purchase gift cards for themselves or as gifts for others.

It works seamlessly with the Advanced Coupons store credit system to redeem gift cards in any part of the world.

Why Use Gift Cards For Your Business

Buyers opt for gift cards because they are both cost-effective and time-saving. Businesses also adore gift cards for the following reasons:

1. It can increase your sales.

Stores benefit from e-commerce gift cards because they can dramatically increase their revenue. The holder of the gift card will likely spend more than the amount it has while using it.

Gift cards are mostly used for discounts to purchase higher-priced items because they will not have to pay a larger value to buy the merchandise. Statistics from Gift Card Granny revealed that 72% of consumers pay more than the gift card’s value while buying an item.

2. It can boost brand awareness.

One of the best advantages of gift cards is that they can introduce your brand to a new set of customers. They can then check out your products and purchase them from your store.

Once they are pleased with your items, they will buy gift cards from your e-commerce shop and give them out to a new set of potential consumers, effectively boosting your brand awareness.

Also, gift cards can be easily sent to any part of the world, unlike physical ones. With this, your business can grow faster and have a sturdy global reach.

3. It is secure and convenient to use.

While physical gift cards can be easily stolen or misplaced, digital gift cards are carefully made with added security. It can be received or sent anywhere effortlessly through email.

Gift cards lessen your worry about what to give to your loved ones. Would they want it? Do they already have this item? Its convenience allows the recipient to choose what to buy from a store without giving you a headache over what to give.

4. It promotes customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty helps your store’s longevity and expansion, and it can be easily achieved if you are able to keep your buyers satisfied and happy.

Gift cards can be given to your buyers who had an unpleasant experience at your store. Instead of accepting a return or a refund, gift cards can be offered in such situations to retain the customer. 

How Do Gift Cards Work

Gift cards can be redeemed on a store’s website by applying the gift code on the checkout page or adding its value to a customer’s store wallet.

Upon use, the cost of the product will be deducted from the gift card.

Advanced Gift Cards allow customers to buy gift cards. They have the option of sending them to themselves or to a friend. Our system generates unique gift card codes that are redeemable for store credit that can be used for purchasing.

If you want to learn more, you can check our Advanced Gift Cards Complete Guide article for a more detailed overview of how the system works.

How To Sell Advanced Gift Cards

To sell Advanced Gift Cards, business owners must first create a new WooCommerce product using the “Advanced Gift Card” type.

It will come with a few configuration options where they can pick the card graphic, whether it is able to be sent to a friend or not, and the face value and price of the gift card.

Once done, it will display on the front end of the site like other products.

On the other hand, end customers can buy Advanced Gift Cards and checkout. The system will generate the gift code and send the Advanced Gift Card to the recipient.

How Advanced Gift Cards Are Displayed On Your Store

Advanced Gift Cards are displayed in your shop just like any other product that can be included in your cart.

Information needed to process gift cards
The information of the recipient must be included in the gift card

Send to friend:

When the gift card product is adjusted to “Giftable”, it will show the following fields of the recipient:

  • Recipient’s name (required)
  • Recipient’s email address (required)
  • Short message (required)

Send to me:

Customers who want to buy Advanced Gift Cards can simply add them to the cart. Note that you won’t be able to change the number of Advance Gift Cards once they are added to the cart.

When an Advanced Gift Card that is sent to a friend is included in the cart, the details of the recipient will be shown in the item row of the cart and checkout page.

Gift card recipient information
The details of the receiver of the gift card will be displayed on the checkout page
Order details table for gift cards
You can check the details of the recipient of the gift card in the order details table

The details of the recipient will be displayed in the order details table. It can also be viewed on the following pages:

  • Order Received or Thank You page
  • My Account, go to Orders, then View a specific order
  • Order Email
  • Go to your Dashboard then go to WooCommerce. Click Order then Edit specific order


Ultimately, gift cards are meant to make everyone, including business owners and customers, happy. They are convenient to use, can be sent from any part of the globe, and help increase the revenue of a store.

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For concerns, suggestions, and feedback, click here to reach our dedicated support team.


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