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Introducing BOGO Bunny — The New Brand Mascot For Advanced Coupons!

Introducing "BOGO" Bunny — The New Brand Mascot For Advanced Coupons!

Over the last five years since we first launched Advanced Coupons, we’ve been on an exciting journey of growth. Our goal isn’t just to offer you top-notch WooCommerce solutions, but also to consistently bring you joy and satisfaction through our services.

This year, amidst a slew of new features and exciting acquisitions, we wanted to introduce a character that embodies the true essence of Advanced Coupons. A character that personifies the qualities we want our brand to be known for.

Meet BOGO Bunny, the official mascot of Advanced Coupons!

BOGO Bunny holds a special place in our hearts. It’s not just a logo, but a mascot designed to forge a stronger connection with our valued customers — with you!

We want to provide a friendly and memorable face for our advanced WooCommerce coupon solutions, making your experience with us even more personal and enjoyable. So, without further ado, join us in welcoming this special addition to our team!

Meet BOGO Bunny – Advanced Coupons’ New Mascot!

Advanced Coupons BOGO Bunny
Advanced Coupons BOGO Bunny Mascot

BOGO Bunny stands as the official mascot of Advanced Coupons, truly encapsulating our brand’s core. Not only is BOGO Bunny cute, friendly, and approachable, but it embodies key attributes such as:

  • Advanced: As our name suggests, BOGO Bunny exemplifies advanced capabilities.
  • Accurate: He’s precise and trustworthy in delivering the best solutions.
  • Fast: Just like a bunny, BOGO Bunny is quick in providing results.
  • Reliable: Dependable and consistent in offering top-notch services.
  • Energetic: Full of enthusiasm, mirroring our dynamic approach to coupon solutions.

Designed as a robot, BOGO Bunny emphasizes Advanced Coupons’ close ties with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why bunny?” Well, the analogy here is simple:

Just as a real bunny is a magician’s best friend, BOGO Bunny is here to help us as Advanced Coupons works its magic, transforming your coupon experience into something truly enchanting!

Why Is The Mascot Named “BOGO”?

BOGO Bunny owes its name to the very first coupon feature that kickstarted our journey – “Buy One, Get One” deals. It’s a name that truly embodies the heart and soul of our brand.

Five years back, when we kicked off Advanced Coupons, we realized that WooCommerce was missing a reliable solution for flexible BOGO discounts. So, we set out to bridge that gap.

Over the years, we’ve transformed Advanced Coupons into the top-rated coupon plugin for WooCommerce. It’s not just about BOGO anymore; our plugin now offers a whole range of exciting features like URL coupons, cashback offers, shipping perks, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more.

As we move forward into a new chapter of Advanced Coupons, we’ve chosen to pay tribute to our roots by naming our official mascot “BOGO.” It’s a way to honor where we began and to celebrate the exciting journey that lies ahead for our brand.

The Anatomy Of Advanced Coupons’ BOGO Bunny

When we embarked on this project’s design journey, our vision was to create a perfect blend of technology and approachability. This is to embody Advanced Coupons’ dedication to customer satisfaction and its pioneering spirit in the world of advanced coupon solutions.

This journey led us to craft a unique robot-bunny mascot for Advanced Coupons, equipped with five unique attributes:

The Anatomy of BOGO Bunny
The Anatomy of BOGO Bunny (click to zoom)

1. Enhanced Bunny Ears

The inclusion of Enhanced Bunny Ears in our robot-bunny mascot is not just about aesthetics; it symbolizes our dedication to active listening and understanding.

These ears serve as a constant reminder of our commitment to meeting customer needs. They also represent our ability to tune into marketing trends, allowing us to craft solutions that precisely address the specific needs of our customers.

2. Quantum Power Core in the Stomach

This feature serves as a symbol of our relentless commitment to innovation.

Just as Advanced Coupons tirelessly explores new frontiers, the unlimited battery life of our creation reflects our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of advanced technology, propelling us confidently into the future.

3. Human-like limbs with Advanced Articulation

Our decision to equip our mascot with human-like limbs boasting advanced articulation is all about creating a relatable and welcoming character.

This design reflects our brand’s aspiration to form a closer bond with our customers, making our mascot someone you can truly connect with and feel at ease around.

4. Cybernetic Legs, Turbo-Boosted

The turbo-boosted cybernetic legs symbolize speed and efficiency, serving as a testament to our dedication to delivering lightning-fast, highly efficient solutions.

5. Digitized Head with a Positive Expression

And lastly, the digitized head with positive expressions serves as a symbol of both happiness and accuracy. It embodies our mascot’s infectious cheerfulness and approachable demeanor, reflecting our commitment to delivering precise and reliable coupon solutions.

What To Expect From Advanced Coupons’ BOGO Bunny Mascot

Moving forward, BOGO Bunny will be the new face of Advanced Coupons, keeping you informed about our latest updates, promotions, and much more.

There’s so much more in store, so get ready for a magical journey with BOGO Bunny!


Advanced Coupons is embarking on an exciting growth journey, and we’re not planning to hit the brakes anytime soon! We hope that you’ll love BOGO Bunny as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

In this post, we’ve delved into several aspects to help you get to know our mascot more:

  1. Meet BOGO Bunny
  2. Why Is The Mascot Named “BOGO”?
  3. The Anatomy of BOGO Bunny
  4. What To Expect From Advanced Coupons

The debut of our new mascot, BOGO Bunny, is just the beginning of the wonderful things we have in store for you. Be sure to keep an eye out for what’s coming next! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below.

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