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6 Tips for Offering WooCommerce Advanced Discounts

advanced discounts

In today’s business world there are many companies looking to sell products or services online.

We’ve all been witness to the uprising of online retail, which has progressed significantly in a short space of time.

In the midst of today’s technological advancements, WordPress has emerged as a useful tool for website creation.

Various WordPress tools and plugins are available to facilitate the design process. This allow companies to add specific functions to their websites.

One of these plugins is WooCommerce, which itself comes complete with various extensions.

If you’re wondering how to go about selling products or services online, WooCommerce is arguably the best free eCommerce plugin on the market.

It enables companies to easily generate a shop style aesthetic, with various online selling components which are essential for effective sales.

These range from the checkout function to opportunities to enter discount codes.

WooCommerce allows users to sell digital goods, take secure payments, manage inventory, and even calculate tax requirements accordingly.

It’s easy to install, and users can retain 100% control over their data.

As an online retailer, the chances are you’ll be intrigued to offer prospective customers discounts which encourage them to engage with your company.

Discounts are a tried and tested method for enticing buyers, but you’re probably wondering how you should go about offering advanced discounts using WooCommerce?

Using WooCommerce to Offer Advanced Discounts

Once your WooCommerce store is set up, this is the perfect time to offer some form of discount to consumers.

This is especially important in the early stages of business, but equally important as a progressive initiative which will carry on indefinitely.

Whether you’re simply looking to attract new customers, need to clear out inventory, or want to create a buzz, there are many ways you can add discounts in WooCommerce.

Here are some game-changing tips for offering discounts in your WooCommerce store, which could be game changing en-route to substantial success.

Create A Discount Code For Your Checkout

This is a fantastic way to prevent customers abandoning their cart.

Keeping your prospective customers on site is a top priority.

One of the best ways to keep your site in the green is by offering discount codes.

A simple discount can persuade customers to purchase, or at least intrigue them enough to delve a bit deeper.

Distributing coupon codes is one thing, but what’s equally important is you make the discount option easily visible and accessible, preferably displayed prior to consumers considering leaving.

Customers should be able to apply discounts with relative ease, before completing their purchase with a smile on their face.

A great example of a plugin that can execute these notions is the Advanced Coupons Plugin. This will integrate directly with your store, serving as essentially everything you need to run high impact coupon offers.

It can achieve multiple purposes, while usefully understanding your customer’s needs and requirements.

With the Advanced Coupons Plugin you can run flexible deals like ‘Buy One, Get One’, create evergreen coupons, and ultimately get creative across the board.

The creation of complex cart conditions is a huge advantage, one which can help you enforce the conditions of your deals.

Discovering different methods for offering discounts to your customers is paramount to the success of your business.

This will make it easier to succeed in competitive business contexts.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are great because they create a sense of urgency among consumers.

They represent sales with a short duration, set between two fixed dates. Flash sales have maximum impact when there is a timer which counts down the hours until the deal runs out.

The thought of missing out on a great deal incentivizes people to take advantage of the deal within the proposed time frame.

Setting up a flash sale with a prominent heading will highlight the sale in question.

There are various plugins available to facilitate the process of setting up a flash sale, where a simple step-by-step, on screen procedure will make things very easy for you.

Towards the end of the setup stage you’ll be required to set up a sticky header, which will appear as a constant reminder regardless of the page your visitors are on.

Deal of the Day Promotions

These are useful for triggering impulse purchases, working in a similar fashion to flash sales.

Deal of the day campaigns highlight limited-time offers on specific products, which makes the process of choosing products easy for customers.

They won’t have to sift through catalogues of products. They can instead rely on a product which is recommended to them.

This makes the buying decision considerably easier for consumers, who won’t have to battle the anxiety and confusion which could deter them from buying altogether.

Clicking on the deal of the day will take people directly to the product page. The impulse buying this can generate derives from the ‘I can’t miss out on this opportunity’ train of thought.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Offering a discount to customers who abandon their cart is a fantastic method for persuading them to reconsider.

The approach is very simple. Coupon codes can be bundled in with your remarketing emails, with the hope of encouraging people back.

Perhaps the prospect of a discount will change people’s minds.

Firing these out indiscriminately isn’t recommended, rather using well-placed discount codes which are promoted in the subject line of your email.

This can bring a customer back and ultimately convert them.

Everyone loves a great deal. If you contact them via email there’s a strong chance you’ll receive a boost in sales.

Incentivize Sharing

Social media has capitalized the business landscape in ways which were difficult to comprehend in yesteryear.

What’s great about social media is the widespread outreach and coverage which can be achieved with just a few shares.

Utilizing the ‘Pay With a Tweet’ style mantra is great, where you can offer customers discounts for sharing your coupon codes.

This encourages a combination of personal recommendations and repeat business.

Though this form of marketing isn’t targeted per se, it will certainly help your WooCommerce offers reach the masses.

It requires greater persistence simply because it isn’t a direct method, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless.

You’ll also receive the indirect benefit of increased social media exposure. It can boosting engagement even if it’s simply through others hearing about your business.

Encourage Sponsorship

Sponsorship can do wonders for your business. Here the main goal is to collaborate with companies who commit to sharing your coupon codes across various mediums.

The best way to go about this is performing market research to discover sponsors who share a similar demographic to your own.

This way when the sponsor broadcasts your discount to their audience, they’ll be open to hearing about a discount they’re interested in pursuing.

Sponsorship is most effective with time-sensitive offers, and when you can offer your host sales commission via an affiliate program.

By doing so they’ll be more likely to promote your offer with enthusiasm. This will boost your bottom line and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

It helps when you attach yourself with large businesses, those that sell something within your business niche.

Leverage your coupon codes to help their customer base become yours, an approach that’s more effective than advertising.

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