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Advanced Coupons vs WebToffee Smart Coupons (Alternative To)

Advanced Coupons vs WebToffee Smart Coupons (Alternative To)

There aren’t all that many great WooCommerce coupon plugins available in the market. Since WooCommerce ships with its own coupon system, a lot of users rely on it and don’t look any further. However, if you’re looking for a more powerful coupon system, your choice will come down to WebToffee Smart Coupons vs Advanced Coupons.

As you know, Advanced Coupons is our own plugin. However, you should always choose which plugin to use depending on its features and price. That’s why we’re going to provide a full breakdown and comparison of both plugins so you can make your own choice.

In this article, we’ll compare Advanced Coupons WebToffee Smart Coupons. We’ll discuss features, price, and who should use which plugin. Let’s get to it!

An Introduction to Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons
Advanced Coupons is the most powerful coupon plugin in WooCommerce

Advanced Coupons is a plugin that takes WooCommerce’s existing coupon system and supercharges it. With Advanced Coupons, you’ll get access to a broad range of options for creating new types of coupons or making existing ones more targeted.

With Advanced Coupons, you can offer customers Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) deals, create coupons that add products to customer’s carts, and offer shipping discounts. The plugin even lets you create a loyalty program so customers can redeem points in exchange for discounts on your store.

Finally, Advanced Coupons comes with a powerful cart conditions system that enables you to choose who can use which coupon and under which circumstances. The plugin comes in both free and premium versions, and we’ll discuss how those compare against each other in the next few sections.

Price: Advanced Coupons Premium licenses start at $59 per year. However, if you want access to all of the plugin’s features, including a loyalty program and support for unlimited websites, you’ll need the All-In-One Bundle, which costs $119 per year.

An Introduction to WebToffee Smart Coupons

WebToffee Smart Coupons
WebToffee comes in a free and premium version just like Advanced Coupons

WebToffee Smart Coupons also expands upon WooCommerce’s default coupon options. With this plugin, you’ll be able to offer different kind of coupons, including signup discounts, abandoned cart offers, store credit, and many more options.

Just like Advanced Coupons, WebToffee Smart Coupons comes with a comprehensive coupon rules system. That means you can create coupons with complex conditions and even discounts based on customer behavior.

With WebToffee Smart Coupons, you can send coupon codes via email without leaving the dashboard. Moreover, the plugin lets you offer gift codes, which customers can buy and send to their friends through your very own system.

This plugin comes in both free and premium versions, just as Advanced Coupons. Now let’s compare how each version of both plugins fares against the other.

Price: The premium version of Smart Coupons starts at $69 per year. If you want support for up to 25 sites, you’ll need to pay up to $199 per year.

Advanced Coupons vs Smart Coupons: Free Version

Usually, most plugins that come in free and premium versions water down the features they offer in the former. That way, they give you a taste of what the plugin can offer and then let you figure out all of the cool features you’re missing out on by not purchasing a license.

Both Advanced Coupons and Smart Coupons offer free versions that don’t include all of the functionality we talked about in the previous sections. However, Advanced Coupons offers a massive range of options within its free version.

Here’s a quick look at what the coupon menu looks like if you’re using the free version of Advanced Coupons:

Advanced Coupons free options
(click to zoom)

The free version of Advanced Coupons also gives you access to our cart conditions system:

The Advanced Coupons cart conditions system
(click to zoom)

Now let’s compare that with the coupon configuration menu that you can use with WebToffee Smart Coupons’ free version:

WebToffee Smart Coupon's coupon configuration options
(click to zoom)

At a glance, you can see that Advanced Coupons offers a lot more value with its free version. Let’s check out an overview of what features you can find with each plugin’s free version:

Advanced Coupons (Free version)WebToffee Smart Coupons (Free version)
Multiple types of discountsYesYes
Usage restriction optionsYesYes
Usage limit optionsYesYes
BOGO dealsYesNo
URL couponsYesNo
Cart conditions systemYesNo
Payment method restrictionsNoYes
Shipping optionsNoYes
Product giveawaysNoYes

Overall, Advanced Coupons offers more configuration options even with its free version. However, Smart Coupons also has some aces to its name, including options for product giveaways, and restricting specific payment methods for coupons.

Advanced Coupons vs Smart Coupons: Premium Versions

This is where things really get interesting. With the premium versions of both plugins, you get access to their entire suite of features. Let’s kick things off by checking out Advanced Coupons’ premium coupon creation menu:

Advanced Coupons' premium options
(click to zoom)

Once you activate an Advanced Coupons license, several options will unlock in the coupon creation menu. If you compare that previous screenshot with the plugin’s free version, you’ll notice you have access to more features now.

The cart conditions system also gets a big expansion if you’re using Advanced Coupons Premium. With this version of the plugin, you’ll get access to a much larger set of conditions that you can use:

Advanced Coupons Premium cart conditions
(click to zoom)

Now let’s compare how Advanced Coupons fares against Smart Coupons when comparing their premium versions. For this table, we’re going to focus on features that change when you switch versions or premium functionality:

Advanced Coupons (Premium)WebToffee Smart Coupons (Premium version)
BOGO dealsYesNo
URL couponsYesYes
Cart conditions systemYesNo
Payment method restrictionsYesYes
Shipping optionsYesYes
Product giveawaysYesYes
Country restrictionsNoYes
Auto-apply couponYesYes
One-click applicationYesNo
Coupon templatesNoYes
Email coupons to customersNoYes
Offer gift couponsNoYes

Choosing between both plugins proves more challenging when you compare their full feature sets. By and large, Advanced Coupons enables you to create much more targeted coupons, thanks to its robust list of settings and the cart conditions system.

Smart Coupons, however, has an advantage when it comes to email marketing. The plugin enables you to email coupons directly to customers and for users to purchase gift codes for their friends.

If you value email marketing over in-depth coupon targeting functionality, you might be better off using Smart Coupons. However, Advanced Coupons is the better option if you want to fine-tune every aspect of your coupon codes.


There’s no single WooCommerce coupons plugin that’s a perfect fit for every type of business. WebToffee Smart Coupons is a fantastic option if you want a plugin that offers plenty of coupon configuration options and basic email marketing functionality.

Advanced Coupons, on the other hand, comes with far more comprehensive coupon configuration settings and an intuitive cart conditions system at a more affordable price. If you get an All-In-One Bundle license for Advanced Coupons, you also get access to Loyalty Program for WooCommerce:

Advanced CouponsWebToffee Smart Coupons
Starter plan$59  (One site)$69 (One site)
Mid-tier plan$99 (Unlimited sites)$99 (Up to five sites)
Professional plan$199 (Unlimited sites and
built-in Loyalty Program functionality)
$199 (Up to 25 sites)

Do you have any questions about Advanced Coupons vs Smart Coupons? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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