How To Stop Two Coupons From Working With Each Other In WooCommerce

stop two coupons

This tutorial will show you how to exclude two coupons from working with one another in your WooCommerce store, but without having to completely block the coupon from working with every coupon.

So the idea is to exclude a coupon from working with another coupon in WooCommerce for those special cases where sometimes you just can’t have two coupons being allowed to work together but they should be allowed to work with other non-conflicting coupons.

Firstly, we’ll discuss how you can sort of do this in WooCommerce core, but also why that isn’t always ideal.

Then we’ll discuss how you can do this the right way by using the Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce extension.

Excluding Two Coupons From Working Together In WooCommerce [Video Tutorial]

Here is a video tutorial of today’s lesson on how to exclude two coupons from working together in WooCommerce.

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Step 1 – Create your first coupon

Let’s start by creating the first coupon. If you have already done this then no worries, just follow along with the tutorial so you know what needs to be done for the exclusion.

In my example, I just made a coupon for $10 off.

Create first coupon for mutual exclusion
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Step 2 – The WooCommerce Core Way To Exclude A Coupon Working With Other Coupons

The core way to exclude a coupon from working with another coupon is to go to the Usage restriction tab and click on the Individual use only checkbox.

This basically tells the system that this coupon should not be allowed to be used alongside ANY other coupon.

The WooCommerce core way of excluding coupons from working with one another
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This is ok, but its a bit like a shotgun. You don’t get any control over which coupons should be allowed to work together and which shouldn’t.

Let’s continue our tutorial and I’ll show you another way.

Step 3 – Add your second coupon

Next, we need to add the second coupon, this will be the one we want to stop working with the first one.

In my example, I have just created another coupon for the same amount off ($10) and I don’t want that coupon to be allowed to be used at the same time as the first one because then it would mean the customer can get $10 off twice! Not good!

Create second coupon to exclude
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Step 4 – Exclude the coupons using the exclude coupon feature

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce adds an extra feature to the Usage Restrictions tab which lets you specify an exact coupon to exclude from working with another coupon.

Here you can see I am on the second coupon and I have excluded the first coupon from working with it.

stop coupons
I look so surprised for some reason… maybe it should be harder than this? (click to zoom)

Step 5 – Test on the front end

Lastly, you need to test this is working the way you want it to be working.

I suggest testing both coupons and adding the first coupon first or the second coupon first and seeing the result.

You’ll find that it shows the customer a nice message saying that it’s not allowed to work with the other coupon.

Second coupon cannot work with first coupon
(click to zoom)

And that is how you exclude two coupons from working with each other with Advanced Coupons.

It’s a much more flexible solution than the core solution because it means you can still have these coupons working with other non-conflicting coupons.


4 thoughts on “How To Stop Two Coupons From Working With Each Other In WooCommerce

  1. Are you able to exclude coupons from the same category? For instance, if you had 15 coupons in a category, could you make it so a customer could only use one coupon from a category? Rather than having to eliminate all those coupons for each coupon’s settings?

    1. Hi Liz,

      We don’t have this feature currently, but it sounds pretty cool! I’m going to raise it up and maybe we will look at putting this as a setting on the coupon category.

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