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5 Recommended WooCommerce Coupon Discounts (Best Practices)

5 Recommended WooCommerce Coupon Discounts (Best Practices)

WooCommerce coupon discounts are among the most versatile tools in your arsenal to increase sales. Using the right coupon plugin, you can offer almost any type of coupon that you can imagine.

However, some types of WooCommerce coupons can be much more effective than others. With Advanced Coupons, you can offer email signup welcome coupons, abandoned cart offers, and many more types of discounts.

Moreover, the plugin enables you to offer as many types of coupons as you want simultaneously. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five types of WooCommerce coupons that will get you fantastic results.

5 WooCommerce Coupon Discounts (Best Practices)

1. Email sign-up welcome coupons

It’s all too common for websites to offer you some type of freebie or discount in exchange for signing up to their email lists or creating an account.

A lot of users might not be interested in getting more marketing emails even if they’re regular customers. If you want to grow your email list to its full potential, you’ll need to offer some type of enticement.

Since we’re talking about an online store, your best bet is to offer discount coupons for users that sign up for your list. There are two ways that you can approach that discount, including:

Regardless of which approach you choose, it’s important that you make sure that discount coupon doesn’t affect your bottom line. For example, if you offer $X amount off a purchase, it should only apply to overs over Y value.

Sign Up Discount Example
Sign Up Discount Example (click to zoom)

Something similar goes for percentage-based discounts. They can be incredibly enticing for large purchases, but the larger the order, the more likely it is you may lose money on it. To prevent that from happening, you need to make it so the discount only applies to orders within specific values.

Using Advanced Coupons, you can create both types of WooCommerce coupon discounts and configure the circumstances under which users will be able to use them.

Once visitors are part of your email list, you can reach out to them periodically with additional discount coupons. That’ll keep them opening your emails over the long term!

2. Abandoned cart offers

According to various studies, the average cart abandonment rate for online stores stands at 69.80%. That means that on average, the majority of users that add items to their carts within your store won’t go through with their purchase.

There are many reasons why a customer might decide to back off a purchase. Some of the most common causes for cart abandonment include:

  • An overly-complicated checkout process
  • ‘Hidden’ fees, including shipping costs and taxes
  • Customers deciding to put off a purchase until later
  • Lack of a return policy
Abandoned Cart Offer Example
Abandoned Cart Offer Example (click to zoom)

If you run an e-commerce store, your goal is to minimize that abandonment rate as much as possible. Lowering that percentage by even a few points can have a significant impact on your revenue, and abandoned cart discounts can help get you there.

The way that abandoned cart offers work is that customers will get an email sometime after they leave your website, including a message such as this:

“Hey, we noticed that you didn’t go through with your purchase for X item. We’re sorry to see you go, so we wanted to offer you a one-time discount code to complete your purchase.”

For abandonment cart offers to work, you need customers to sign up so you can track their behavior on your website. If the discount coupon is attractive enough, it should help you drastically.

3. Free shipping coupons

High shipping costs are among the most common reasons why customers decide to back off online purchases. In a lot of cases, online store don’t tell you how much shipping will cost until you’re almost through with a purchase, which can frustrate a lot of customers.

One way to cut down on the number of users that won’t make a purchase due to high shipping costs and get more sales altogether is to offer free shipping.

Using WooCommerce, you can decide what regions or zones are eligible for free shipping:

Shipping Zones Settings in WooCommerce
Shipping Zones Settings in WooCommerce (click to zoom)

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to offer blanket free shipping discounts. Shipping costs might be too high for customers that are too far away. Moreover, some purchases might be so small that you lose money due to discounted shipping.

Once you decide what zones should qualify for free shipping, you can create WooCommerce discount coupons that reduce the cost to zero.

With Advanced Coupons, you can configure precisely which type of purchases qualify for free shipping, which gives you all the control you need over the discount.

4. Upsell offers for recent customers

Whenever a user makes a purchase that tells you several things. For one, you just earned some money. More importantly, that first purchase tells you that the same customer might be open to spending more money on your store in the future.

If customers are happy with their purchases, they’re much more likely to come back. There are things you can do to increase the chances they’ll return, though, such as offering upsells to recent customers.

Upsell Offer Example
Upsell Offer Example (click to zoom)

For example, when a customer completes a purchase, you can send them an email afterward including a coupon discount code for their next order. If you want to increase the odds they’ll return even further, we recommend tailoring upsell offers to the items they bought initially.

If a customer buys a laptop, you can send them a discount code that applies to laptop bags, external SSDs, covers, and more. What type of upsells you offer should depend on the products and services that you sell. The more targeted your upsells are, the more likely it is they’ll translate to conversions.

5. “Deal Of The Week” WooCommerce discount coupons

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back to your store is to offer recurring discounts or sales. For example, you can have one day a month when you offer free shipping, a flat 10% off all orders, discounts for specific categories, and more.

Although broad WooCommerce discount coupons can be highly effective, we’re much more partial to a targeted approach. Some Advanced Coupons users have found great success in offering discounts for rotating products.

Deal Of The Week Example
Deal Of The Week Example (click to zoom)

If you sell dog treats, to offer an example, you could highlight a ‘deal of the week’ or month featuring new products all the time. Rotating discounts enable you to highlight the products that give you the best returns and help you move products that might not be selling that well on their own.

Using Advanced Coupons, you can create WooCommerce Coupon Discounts that target specific products which you can easily disable as soon as the offer is over.


Using the right tools, you can offer almost any type of WooCommerce coupon discount that you can imagine. With Advanced Coupons, you get full control over what type of discounts to offer, who can use them, and when to apply them.

If you’re not sure what type of WooCommerce coupon discounts to offer on your store, here are some of our top picks:

  1. Email signup welcome coupons
  2. Abandoned cart offers
  3. Free shipping coupons
  4. Upsell offers for recent customers
  5. Recurring WooCommerce discount coupons

Do you have any questions about how to use WooCommerce discount coupons? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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