6 Things That Are Missing From Your Order Thank You Emails

Order Thank You Emails

Did you know that, on average, order thank you emails get the best open and click rates of ANY type of email that you could send to your audience?

ConversionXL quotes that order thank you emails (a.k.a digital receipts) get “an average 65.0% open rate, a 10.4% click rate and a 1.4% conversion rate.”

If you’re run any sort of email marketing campaign you’ll immediately recognise those numbers are insanely good.

So what are the things you might be missing from your order thank you emails that would really maximize your chances of getting those kinds of numbers?

What goes into the anatomy of an order thank you email to really make it sing?

We’ve broken down the structure and components of the perfect order thank you email. This can help you tick the boxes and ensure that you’re following best practices.

Start With A Big Thanks!

First up, recognise that your email is going to a real human. And not only that but a human that just opened their wallet (or their company’s wallet) and gave you some money in exchange for goods/services.

I think a thank you (and even a round of applause) is in order for your newest customer!

Starting with a big thanks is a nice light way to open the email. It also makes them feel great about purchasing from you.

Order Thank You Email

A Simple Subject Line

If you’ve ever studied email marketing in any detail, you’ll notice the ones that get the highest email open rates are often the ones with the simplest subject lines.

Think about it. Your customer is expecting certain wording when it comes to their order receipt email. Using anything overly fancy will likely confuse them.

The combination of a simple subject line like “Your Receipt” or “Your order from Example.com” along with their expectation that it contains something important will ensure that your email is opened pronto.

Do anything to complicate that formula with tricky wording and you run the risk of your email being missed or mistaken for something else.

Information Related To The Purchase

As an example, because our company sells digital products (WooCommerce extensions) we give our customers some useful information about what to do next with the product they just purchased and downloaded.

This includes links or details on how to install the product. It also includes a link to our help database should they get stuck.

Can you think of anything that would be related to your products that they’d want to know about?

This might include things such as:

  1. Warranty registration
  2. Installation instructions
  3. Care instructions
  4. Returns policy
  5. Usage instructions

Include this information there for immediate and future reference.

You never know when this might come in handy for your customers. Personally, I’ve been known to forget who I purchased an item from. Looking up the order thank you receipt in my inbox is an easy way for me to find the website again.

Where To Get Support

Customer support is the new sales as they say.

So it’s important that you are always upfront about where they can go to get after-sales support for the products they just purchased.

If something isn’t adding up, you don’t want to frustrate them even further with hard to find information.

One of the first places customers often look is their receipt to see if there are any details on how to claim support.

Ask For Feedback

While I personally believe that the best time to ask for a review is just after they’ve received their items (you could estimate the days and schedule it with your post-purchase sequence) you can also include this request for review/feedback in your order thank you email too.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for feedback. It’s important that you do give them the opportunity to share their thoughts.

If you don’t capture it in this controlled way you’ll likely end up just pushing them to social media anyway.

Capturing a product review is a great way to use that customer’s energy about your product for future marketing.

Add A Coupon Offer

Finally, one of the most effective things you can do business wise for your order thank you emails is to add a re-ordering coupon!

As mentioned in the opening quote of this article from ConversionXL, these emails get on average a 10.4% click rate and a 1.4% conversion rate. That’s a HUGE opportunity for you as a store owner to generate extra revenue.

With Advanced Coupons extension for WooCommerce, you can even restrict your coupons to only allow customers that have recently ordered certain products.

Another way to approach this would be to show them deals for related products. This could encourage a quick purchase of something else related in your store.


2 thoughts on “6 Things That Are Missing From Your Order Thank You Emails

  1. This is an awesome article. One thing I would consider adding is social UGC prompts, to tag XYZ company wearing their XYZ product. Companies are hungry for UGC/any content to keep up with the social game!

    1. Love that idea Lauren, and for anyone reading UGC = user generated content. The more you can encourage that the better imho. One way to incentivize would be to run monthly competitions if they tag your company. Gotta feed that social viral loop!

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