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6 Ways To Make Your WooCommerce Coupons Grab Your Customer’s Attention

6 Ways To Make Your WooCommerce Coupons Grab Your Customer's Attention

Keeping your WooCommerce coupons in front of your customers is a great way to make sure they get the best deal possible. A good coupon will grab their attention, and make them think about getting more information before making a purchase. Make sure you have the right coupons floating around—check with your vendors to make sure they’re not using expired or illegal coupons.

But often, getting your customers to feel that special bond with you that can only be achieved when they know exactly what you’re offering is just too much trouble.

So, how do you get those tempting coupons into their hands? Keep reading to find out six ways that will help you spice up your coupon strategy!

How To Make Your WooCommerce Coupons Grab Your Customer’s Attention

You know… nothing quite grabs and holds someone’s attention like a set of bagpipes. There are very few other things in this world that instantly turn heads when they start.

It’s definitely something to aspire to as far as marketing goes.

You want your marketing to grab people’s attention the same way.

In this post, we’ll be discussing 6 ways you can make your coupons really stand out (like a set of bagpipes going full blast) and grab your customer’s attention.

#1. Tell them in the headline or subhead what to do

The wording is very important.

Most people don’t even read your content so your headline really has to grab them and hit them in the face. If you want your coupon to grab someone’s attention the first thing you have to get right is your headline when introducing the deal.

In advertising, often it’s the simple headlines that work best because they don’t take a lot of mental energy to understand.

If you’re really stuck you can use a tool like this headline generator to try and come up with ideas.

I encourage you to take the suggestions and tweak them to suit your purpose (blog posts, banners, email subjects, etc).

#2. Perception is everything

Think about how your deal is being portrayed to the customer.

Sometimes a simple change in approach might help elevate your sales on the deal due to the way it’s perceived.

For example, instead of saying “50% off the second item” try framing it like a BOGO deal like “Buy 1, get 1 half price!”.

It’s effectively the same thing from a revenue perspective but from the customer’s point of view, it is much more tantalizing.

Go down to your local mall or shopping center to see this in action. Pay attention to the stores that are running sales and see the differences between the wording from the ones packed with customers and the ones with barely anyone in them. This will give you some great hints about how to frame your deals.

#3. Use FREE!

Free is a massive drawcard, so if you’re aiming to use free in your deal in some way, play up to it.

Nothing grabs attention better than free.

Put “FREE!” at the top of your ad. eg FREE T-SHIRT!

You can always clarify the deal in the copy lower down. The aim here is to grab people by eyeballs.

“Free” is possibly the best way to do that.

#4. Show what the coupon brings with a small photo or illustration

Imagery is a super powerful way to tell people what your deal is all about. Put a picture of the item and if you’re doing “free” as I mentioned above, slap a big free sticker on top of it.

You can even slap a 50% off sticker if you want.

Anything that you can do to make your sale items stand out.

If you are looking for inspiration I suggest you open up the catalogs that come in the mail. Especially the grocery store ones.

They have spent thousands of hours refining how imagery affects the way we purchase. Catalogs these days are very deliberate in the way they are laid out and the way items are presented.

#5. Use something to visually pop your offer

Getting people to pay attention is hard but you need to find a way to make it visually pop out from the content.

Here is a collection of tips to keep in mind when putting together your marketing materials and your website:

  • Use bright colors for your coupon boxes that are contrasting with your overall design
  • In your printed marketing materials and email campaigns use a bold border around your coupon
  • On websites, countdown timers can be a great addition that will get a lot of attention, especially during sales seasons
  • Ensure your imagery is engaging and on-point, make sure it stands out!
  • Utilise arrows or images of people looking in the direction of your coupon or headline – visual cues help direct the eye where it is needed

#6. Set a HARD (firm date) or SOFT deadline (“The first 100 people…”)

Hard and soft deadlines can do wonders for the effectiveness of your coupon offers.

A hard deadline is when you set an end date for the promotion.

A soft deadline is where you set a flexible end such as a limit on the number of items sold.

You can use both in tandem and you might have even noticed promotions such as these on the radio: “Offer valid until Tuesday or while stocks last!”

In my opinion, every single promotion you send out to the world needs to have some sort of pressure aspect to it.


Coupons are one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses looking to gain customers and increase sales. A good coupon can be the difference between a customer walking away and making a purchase.

But, with so many coupons out there, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? Here are 6 ways to make your coupons grab your customer’s attention and help you get the most out of your marketing efforts:

  1. Tell them in the headline or subhead what to do.
  2. Perception is everything.
  3. Use FREE!
  4. Show what the coupon brings with a small photo or illustration.
  5. Use something to visually pop your offer.
  6. Set a HARD (firm date) or SOFT deadline (“The first 100 people…”)

Do you have any questions about coupon marketing? Let us know in the comment box down below!


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