How To Categorize Coupons In WooCommerce

categorize coupons

Categorizing coupons in WooCommerce is a very helpful way to organize your coupons when there begins to be too many on your main list.

In WooCommerce there’s no way to currently categorize your coupons so we added this feature to Advanced Coupons and personally, it’s like my MVP feature of the plugin. It’s a silent little addition that just makes your life a little bit easier.

The thing is when you’ve been running a store for a long time, I’m talking 3 or 4 years here (or even sometimes less), you get a pretty big build-up of coupons on the backend.

Sometimes you’ve just made coupons as one-offs and never to be used again and sometimes there are left-overs from running coupon specials. Or it could be something else. Either way, you can’t delete them because that would mess up your reporting!

How To Categorize Your Coupons In WooCommerce

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The above video will show you how this feature works in Advanced Coupons.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Coupon Categories

Once you have installed Advanced Coupons you’ll now see a new menu item under WooCommerce->Coupon Categories.

Click on this and you’ll land on an interface where you can define categories for all of your coupons.

Coupon categories in WooCommerce
(click to zoom)

I like to get really granular about what coupon categories I put on my store because the more you add here the better you’ll be able to filter your coupon list later.

In my screenshot above I added coupon categories like Support, Shipping Offers, Monthly Specials, BOGO deals, etc.

This will let me separate my coupons nicely for future management. You can come back here and add more later if you want.

Step 2 – Assign Coupons To Categories

Next, you need to assign some coupons to categories.

You can do this by going to the Edit screen for your coupon. On the right-hand side, you’ll now notice a new box where you can assign the correct category or categories for your coupon.

Edit coupon category for a coupon in WooCommerce
(click to zoom)

If you’ve been writing a blog post or making products in WooCommerce you’ll probably find the interface really familiar.

You can even create coupon categories on the fly which is nice.

Step 3 – Filter The Coupons List By Coupon Category

Lastly, now that you’ve assigned coupons to categories you’ll be able to filter your coupon list by the category filter selector up the top of your coupon list view.

Filter coupon list view by category in WooCommerce. Categorize coupons
(click to zoom)

Rinse and repeat this process and you’ll be able to filter coupons and when you’re 5 years down the track and you have hundreds or even thousands of coupons you’ll look back on this tutorial fondly and hopefully reach out and give me a virtual handshake 🙂


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