How To Give Sample Products With Another Product In WooCommerce

How To Give Sample Products With Another Product In WooCommerce

When you’re trying to earn a profit from your e-commerce business, giving away sample products may seem counterintuitive. However, there are many benefits to doing so and techniques you can use to avoid over-discounting.

When you give sample products to your customers, it can help improve customer loyalty and even boost sales. The key is giving samples away under certain conditions so that they encourage orders.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to give sample products with another product in WooCommerce. Let’s get into it!

Why It Makes Sense To Give Sample Products With Another Product

If you’re unsure whether to give sample products with your other products in WooCommerce, it might help to consider the benefits. Samples can offer just as many advantages to you as they do your customers.

Giving away sample products can help:

  • Gain visibility. Giving away samples is a great way to gain exposure for a product you’re looking to promote. It can help you get it in the hands of new audiences that may not be familiar with it. Doing so can also be an effective way to introduce similar tor related items to shoppers.
  • Build customer loyalty. You can use free products to demonstrate your appreciation to your existing customers and, in turn, build loyalty and trust. When customers feel appreciated, they may be more inclined to purchase from you again in the future.
  • Boost sales. A sample product may be incentive enough to persuade an indecisive shopper. Also, requiring that certain conditions are met, such as a subtotal minimum, before qualifying for a free product coupon can ultimately increase sales.

When you give away sample products with another product in WooCommerce, it helps show you’re confident in their quality. It gives other people the opportunity to recognize the value as well.

How To Give Sample Products With Another Product in WooCommerce (In 3 Steps)

WooCommerce makes creating coupons quick and easy. You can use them to give away free products and promote special offers and deals.

However, if you want to give away free sample products only to customers purchasing another product, it’s difficult to do that using only the default WooCommerce coupons. That’s where Advanced Coupons comes in.

Our Advanced Coupons plugin is an extension that adds advanced capabilities to your WooCommerce coupons. This includes:

  • The ‘Add Products’ feature which you can use to make it so a sample product is automatically added to a customer’s shopping cart when they use the coupon.
  • The ‘Cart Conditions’ feature for defining coupon usage restrictions, such as requiring a certain subtotal amount before qualifying for the coupon.

Once you have the Advanced Coupons plugin installed and activated, you’re ready to get started. Let’s take a look at how to give away a free sample product with another product in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Add the product sample

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure the product you want to give away is already set up in WooCommerce. If it is, you can move on to Step 2.

If not, you can create and add the product by going to Products > Add New:

The 'Add new product' page in the WooCommerce plugin.
(click to zoom)

Name your product and fill out the indicative price if you wish. While you can fill in the other details, it’s not required.

Step 2: Create a new coupon

Now it’s time to create a new WooCommerce coupon. To do this, navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons, then select the Add coupon button at the top of the screen:

The WooCommerce Coupons page in WordPress.
(click to zoom)

Next, create a unique coupon code. This is the code your customers will use while checking out to add the free sample product:

The screen to add a new coupon to give sample products for free in WooCommerce.
(click to zoom)

Under the ‘Coupon data’ section, click on the Add Products tab, followed by + Add Products:

The 'Add Products' feature in the Advanced Coupons plugin for WooCommerce.
(click to zoom)

Start typing in the text field to search for the name of the product you want to give away as a sample (or the product added in Step 1):

The 'Add Products' section in Advanced Coupons plugin.
(click to zoom)

This connects your sample to the coupon. To the right, under the ‘Price/Discount’ dropdown menu, select Override price:

The option to 'override price' in a coupon to use to give sample products away.
(click to zoom)

Set the quantity to one and the price at $0.00. Now, customers who use this coupon code will receive the single sample item for free.

Step 3: Configure the cart conditions

So far, we’ve added a sample product and created a coupon for it. However, to prevent over-discounting and limit usage to customers who purchasing another product, we need to set some restrictions.

To do that, scroll down to the ‘Cart Conditions’ section:

The 'Cart Conditions' section in the Advanced Coupons plugin.
(click to zoom)

In the drop-down menu, you’ll notice there is a wide range of Cart Conditions you can apply. One way you can give a sample product with another product is by requiring the customer to reach a certain shopping cart subtotal or quantity.

If you want to limit the sample to those shopping for related products, you can use the Product Category Exists In The Cart option. In the search field, begin typing to find, then select the product category you want to implement the rule for:

The 'Product Categories Exists in Cart' rule in Advanced Coupons Cart Conditions.
(click to zoom)

Let’s say you want to give away a sample of a new shoe cleaning product. Here, you could specify that the coupon should only be applied when the customer has added products from the ‘shoe’ category to their shopping cart.

When you’re done, click on the Save Cart Conditions button. Also, keep in mind you’re not limited to one rule; you can add and configure as many conditions as you wish to ma!


Whether you want to give a free sample with a coupon or give sample products with another product in WooCommerce, our Advanced Coupons plugin makes doing so quick and easy.

To summarize, you can give away product samples by following these three steps:

  1. Add your sample product.
  2. Create a new coupon.
  3. Configure the Cart Conditions.

Do you have any questions about giving sample products with another product in WooCommerce? Let us know in the comments section below!


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