How To Create Awesome Product Videos

product videos

Video is without question the future of modern business.

Today’s society are video crazy, but the good kind of crazy!

Why? Well, deep down most people are seeking content that brings value to their life, whether they wish to be entertained or informed.

And let’s face it though most of us want to be entertained, how many times do you find yourself watching a video because you need to learn something?

That’s why informational videos have surfaced as a modern educational tool.

Consumerism is at an all time, and increasingly consumers are watching product videos so they can know what to expect from the products they’re interested in.

Getting any ideas yet?

Creating an awesome product video on budget is probably much easier than you’d think.

Before we explore the process itself, let’s take a look at look at some motivations for creating your own product video:

Why Deliver a Product Video?

With a product video you’ll bring your product to life, in a world where written information isn’t digested as it once was.

With a video depiction of your product, consumers are given an opportunity to analyze your offering as if they were unveiling the item in person.

By providing this level of insight you’ll be on par, if not differentiating from the competition by offering your audience a genuine preview of what to expect.

With individual product videos, you’ll attract new customers, increase conversion rates through the valuable information supplied, and ultimately increase your APRU.

Producing product videos is part and parcel of developing your product story, something which will help you establish a loyal customer base.

Before we explore a systematic guide to creating your own product videos, let’s preface this with three basic tips for getting the attention of your audience:

3 Tips for Making A Compelling Product Video


Building suspense around your product has everything to do with building a narrative.

Your brand should be portrayed as a story, one which begins with a vision and progresses through your subsequent successes.

A brand story will draw attention to your business.

In addition to the overarching narrative you’ve created, your individual product videos should tell a story too.

They should do so in a unique fashion, one which entices customers to learn more about the story of your product and business as a whole.

Everyone will appreciate a product video that tells a compelling story, and they’ll be more likely to engage with your product and purchase it as a result.

Don’t Overdo It!

We live in a society where attention spans are at an all-time low, mostly due to the bitesize nature of the content we digest through smartphone technology.

This is simply a microcosm of society as a whole, not a reflection of everyone.

With this being said you must understand your audience, particularly how you can appeal to their true nature.

If people prefer short videos you should focus on giving them short videos.

Consumers appreciate videos that are short and to the point, so they can proceed with everyday life once they’ve extracted the information needed.

What’s great about short videos is they’ll fit with your social media strategy. Videos that don’t exceed 30 seconds are generally more shareable and will engage your target demographic more suitably.

Short videos retain the interest of those watching, additionally fitting with best SEO principles.

People-First Approach

A customer-first mentality always win! This has been established since the days of ‘the customer is always right’, an adage which rings truer than ever in today’s transparent customer landscapes.

So how can you align your product video with this approach?

Well, you should narrow the divide between you and your audience by focusing on communicating with them directly.

Your product video, especially if it’s an instructional one, should almost speak from the perspective of your audience, directly addressing their needs.

Building a rapport with your customers is a great way to get them fully on board with your objectives.

That way they’ll be positioned to resonate with your product video and ultimately brand.

Understanding your audience is everything since you can leverage knowledge to appeal to their true nature.

Incorporating emotion, personality, and honesty will go a lot further than you think.

Creating a Great Product Video

Having established a few pointers for the product video making process, from production to delivery, let’s now delve a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty.

Here are five critical steps to making an awesome product video:

Set Goals

A great starting point for your product video is setting realistic goals.

You should first understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your video, which can be achieved by brainstorming ideas among those around you.

By asking yourself why you’re creating the video in question, you’ll establish an honest perception of your intentions.

The chances are your video will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Generating Leads
  • Explaining Product Features

Your objectives/goals will ultimately shape the direction of your video, which is why it’s important to establish them from early on.

For example, if you’re building brand awareness you might want to create a short, snappy, intriguing advert which encourages consumers to do a bit of digging.

If you’re looking to explain the specific features of a product, instructional videos tailored to your audience will be insightful.

Most videos will follow a similar tone, despite intentions often varying.

One thing that remains constant is the importance of establishing clear goals, a process which will help everything fall into place.

Identify Your Audience

Once you’ve determined what it is you’re trying to market, you should then consider who it is you’re addressing.

Who is going to be watching your videos? Certainly not everyone, which is why you must establish your niche and focus on marketing to them.

The video should, of course, be easy to follow for those outside of your target demographic, but contain nuances that resonate with your inner ring.

These are the type of quirks that will propel you to achieving great customer relationships.

You’ll slowly learn the best tone to address your audience, how to boost the effectiveness of your videos, and other essential considerations.

You should then evaluate the biggest selling point your product has to offer, and understand how you can promote these characteristics in an authentic fashion.

With honest analysis, you’ll slowly learn how to make your content memorable, as you begin to narrow the focus based on your target audience.

This is easier said than done mind you, so how exactly should you go about identifying your target audience?

Well, a great starting point is consulting with your sales team. They’ll understand the people most likely to buy better than anyone else, alongside their preferences, characteristics, etc.

Communicate directly with your clientele for additional insight too, alongside monitoring your competition to gain new ideas!

Write an Intriguing Script

This will form the foundation of your entire video. Though the execution is important, every exceptional idea starts with an exceptional blueprint.

Your script should begin by addressing common challenges faced by your target audience.

This creates a great opportunity to introduce your product as a solution to problems commonly faced by your audience.

Keep a consistent tone throughout, one which best reflects your brand position.

A conversational, straight to the point tone is preferable.

Promote the benefits of your product throughout, as opposed to focusing on product features. If consumers understand the benefits of using your product they’ll be much more likely to buy.

Engage your audience throughout, with open-ended questions and other random points thrown in to retain their attention.

Include a compelling CTA at the end and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank!

Shoot The Video

Filming is the easiest part of all, providing you have the correct pieces in place!

For example, if you’re using a narrator they should have a voice which is warming to the ear, or if you’re using a model they should look aesthetically pleasing.

Although you can choose the best of the best, it’s important to be authentic too. Blend a combination of expertise and authenticity for a great mix!

Use real employees as and when you can, since this will be a positive reflection of your business motto (people first!).

Voiceovers, rehearsals and everything else will take care of itself, providing you have the equipment necessary to capture your ambitions.

Share It With The Masses

Now your video is ready it’s time to share it with the masses!

Any great video is rendered irrelevant if nobody sees it, so marketing your video is probably more important than anything else!

Great content will fall on deaf ears otherwise, so once your video is ready get it out there for the world to see!

Though your marketing techniques will differ on a case-by-case basis, there are many popular options for disseminating content:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Your Homepage
  • Your Landing Page
  • Nurturing Emails

For more on developing an effective video marketing campaign, there are countless resources at your disposal.

Creating a product video doesn’t have to be a hassle, in fact, it can be produced with fun on a shoestring budget!

Never be deterred by a lack of funding and achieve the unachievable on a quest to greatness.

Always engage your audience and retain their interest along the way!


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