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How To Craft Your Own Coupon Page And Rank For Your Brand + Coupons

coupon page

Helping people save money is a fantastic way to shine a light on your business and ultimately receive more custom.

A modern method for achieving this involves creating your own coupon codes. Customers can use these coupon codes in exchange for impressive discounts.

But the internet is littered with savings sites, to the point where they’re oversaturated and less reliable.

Discount offers are a fantastic way to lure prospective customers but despite this, coupons have gotten a bad reputation.

It’s important to capitalize on discount codes but perhaps sidestep the diluted nature of affiliate sites.

Well, why not create your own coupon page and rank for your own brand?

This can be executed in line with your WordPress efforts, where implementing a coupon section at the checkout section of your website has never been easier.

It’s a fantastic way to centralize your offers while boosting your SERPs for lucrative terms.

A great example of a company who does this well is Clear Dog Treats.

Let’s take a look at their approach to show some clarity on what is meant by ‘creating your own coupon page’:

Clear Dog Treats

craft coupon page cleardog

What’s impressive about its coupon strategy is the way it synchronizes with social media marketing strategy, where users are directed to the company’s social media platforms.

And while the store owner could probably do one better and include a newsletter sign up or some more attractive graphics to get people over their Facebook and Instagram pages, this does the job nicely.

The page ‘http://www.cleardog.com.au/coupons/’ ranks for ‘clear dog coupon’.

By having your own coupon page you’ll show how much you value the consumer buying process. You also show genuine concern for offering value for customers.

When executing your coupon strategy, it helps to refer people to a newsletter sign-up form with wording that suggests an exclusive location for discovering the latest coupons, ones that actually work!

Why Should You Create Your Own Coupon Page?

The very nature of coupon deals, especially when listed on aggregate sites, discourages brand loyalty.

Many consumers will resonate with the idea of shopping around for the best deals with little regard for the quality of product/the brand in question.

That’s why using affiliate sites can do your business more harm than good, but that doesn’t mean the coupon concept should be neglected altogether.

It should, in fact, be leveraged as a motivational factor for the purchasing decision, providing you receive tangible brand benefits.

People are swayed by the power of a great bargain. This attitude can be utilized to your advantage with your own coupon page.

Creating your own page involves enticing customers to revisit time and time again. All while ensuring you don’t lose money in the process!

You should create your own coupon page to drive sales in a profitable fashion. Preventing those all-important consumers from abandoning their shopping carts!

Build It From Within

Unfortunately when consumers are presented with a ‘Do you have a coupon?’ section during the checkout process, they often abandon their mission on a quest to find a coupon on an aggregate site.

This is an ill-advised distraction, one which pulls people out of the buying process and onto a different website.

If they do discover a coupon elsewhere and return to your website, they’ll be paying less money than they intended to.

But what if consumers reach the checkout and are redirected to your own internal coupon page?

This will bring numerous extraneous benefits with it. Most importantly the notion of staying within your website’s framework.

Kill off the coupon aggregator websites, while ranking for your own brand + the word ‘coupon’. Ranking for specific search terms is a huge initiative surrounding today’s modern SEO tactics.

Having your own coupon page brings legitimacy to the process too, one of many incentives for creating one.

What Are The Pros of Having Your Own Coupon Page?


Creating your very own coupon page will be cheap, especially considering it will serve as an extension of your already formed website.

This requires very little additional work, with no requirement for setting up a web host and domain name since you’ll already have it combined.


Setting up your own coupon page is a quick and easy process, especially when you have useful tools like WordPress at hand.

Utilize this modern infrastructure and your coupon page will be set up in no time at all.

If you’re not as keen on writing too many blog posts, a coupon strategy is probably perfect.

For further advice on easily creating your own coupon page, check out this great guide!


Manage your coupon page from anywhere in the world, with the flexibility of changing offers as and when you see fit.

What’s great is your offers will update in real time. Eliminating the presence of out of date offers on aggregate sites.

One of the biggest advantages to be gained from greater flexibility is greater control. A surprising consideration regarding the opposing nature of those two concepts.

Broaden Your Horizons

Your coupon strategy will appeal to audiences from across the globe, allowing your company to tap into new demographics.

Your offers will naturally bring attention to your business, alongside the SERPs benefits which will ultimately drive even more traffic.

You’ll notice this happening as you provide more value to the end user, in line with user satisfaction increasing tenfold.

What’s great about your coupon model is its scalability, with potential for it to be applied to various other situations.

How Will Your Coupon Page Deliver Value?

It’s simple really, by offering consumers authentic discounts on products they’re genuinely interested in.

Value doesn’t get more valuable than that!

Providing solutions for issues raised by your target audience is crucially at the root of delivering genuine value.

It’s very much a balancing act. You’ll learn the best deal isn’t always the one that pays you the most commission.

With a customer-first mentality, where the well-being of your target audience is considered as a priority, you’ll be one step closer to nailing your coupon strategy.

Discounting high margin items is a great place to start, which will encourage customers to repay you with repeat business.

Securing loyal customers is the ultimate long term goal of your online coupon strategy.

Additional information and interaction is another great way to deliver value. So why not give your consumers a chance to rate deals, leave comments, and ultimately get involved in a community-oriented discussion?

Final Tips

Picking the right items to discount isn’t easy, but the appropriate ones to create coupons for will become apparent with time.

To direct more traffic to your website, why not use marketing techniques like copywriting?

SEO traffic won’t find it’s way to your website straight away, so remember to be creative about traffic generation.

You can gain traffic through social sharing, forums, links, and social media.

A combination of these approaches will greatly boost your opportunity to encourage prospective customers.

Remember to promote your best discount codes first, those which will entice your target audience to take favorable action.

Even if these generate less value for your business, this will at least help you build credibility and trust with your audience.

As a result, they’ll be much more likely to revisit in the future.

Build an email list to help with repeat traffic, where you’ll secure a greater conversion rate from those who are already looking for great deals.


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