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5 Best WooCommerce Promotions Plugin Options (2024 Updated)

5 Best WooCommerce Promotions Plugin Options (2023 Updated)

Using the right WooCommerce promotions plugin can help you increase sales and get more people back to your store. There are a lot of ways to promote your products such as coupon deals, push notifications, email marketing, wholesale, and many others. In fact, the more marketing avenues you explore, the higher the potential rewards.

The best part is, there are plugins of every type to choose from depending on the approaches to promotions that you want to implement.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the best WooCommerce promotions plugins. We’ll talk about how they work, what features they offer, and their prices. Let’s get to it!

The 5 Best WooCommerce Promotions Plugin Choices Ranked

1. Advanced Coupons

The Advanced Coupons plugin.
<em>This is the 1 rated coupon plugin in WooCommerce<em>

Advanced Coupons is an all-in-one coupon and discount solution for WooCommerce. Using this plugin, you can generate as many coupons as you want using different types of promotions.

Some examples of the types of WooCommerce coupon codes you can generate include discount percentages, free shipping offers, promotions for specific products (or categories), and more.

Using Advanced Coupons you’re in full control over who can use the coupons you create and when. The plugin includes a cart conditions system that’s easy to configure and you can even set it to auto-apply discounts (if you want to!).

Key Features:

  • Generate coupons with different types of discounts.
  • Offer fixed or percentage-based discounts, as well as free shipping offers.
  • Configure specific cart conditions for each coupon.
  • Set up a one-click or auto-apply for new coupons.

Price: The Advanced Coupons plugin comes in both free and premium versions.

2. OptinMonster

The OptinMonster homepage.
Lead generation and conversion optimization software

OptinMonster is a lead generation and capture plugin that enables you to gain insights into your WooCommerce visitors and increase the chances they’ll convert.

With OptinMonsters, you can design lead signup forms that integrate with your email marketing service of choice. You can also design and publish pop-ups that will appear in key moments during the customer journey, including exit-intent forms.

The plugin also comes with an in-depth analytics system that tells you how well your lead-capture efforts are going. If something isn’t working, you can use the plugin’s A/B testing functionality to experiment with new forms.

Key Features:

  • Use a drag-and-drop builder to create lead capture forms.
  • Design and publish multiple types of pop-ups, including exit-intent messages.
  • Show different types of messages to new and returning visitors.
  • Monitor user behavior through analytics.
  • Experiment with different form designs using A/B testing functionality.

Price: To use the OptinMonster WooCommerce promotion plugin you need to sign up for one of the service’s premium plans.

3. PushEngage

Web push notification platform for customer engagement

PushEngage is the best push notification service that integrates with WordPress as well as many other Content Management Systems (CMS) and platforms.

Using PushEngage, you can enable your WooCommerce store’s visitors and buyers to sign up for push notifications. Those notifications work on both mobile devices and desktop browsers. Moreover, you have full control over what notifications you send and when they go out.

Using push notifications, you can easily let users know about flash sales, new coupons, discount offers, and much more. PushEngage also lets you target specific audience segments, it provides you with analytics so you can easily view and improve your conversion rates.

Two of my favorite features are the auto-responder feature, in which you can set up new subscribers to go through a sequence of your best stuff, and the cart abandonment feature which lets you target people abandoning the cart.

Key Features:

  • Set up push notifications for WordPress & WooCommerce.
  • Enable visitors to opt in before receiving notifications.
  • Send push notifications to mobile devices and desktop browsers.
  • Configure and schedule every notification that comes from your website.
  • Use segmentation to target specific audiences.
  • Cart abandonment push notifications
  • Auto-responder feature to run an automated sequence of pushes.

Price: The PushEngage plugin requires a service account to use. They offer a generous free plan and premium tiers.

4. RafflePress

The RafflePress homepage.
WordPress giveaway plugin for lead generation.

Oftentimes, the best way to promote an online store is by giving away free products. That applies to WooCommerce stores as well and it’s possible with the right plugin.

Using RafflePress, you can easily set up fully-automated giveaways for any product you want. The plugin enables you to choose from multiple giveaway templates and customize them using a drag-and-drop builder.

Once the giveaway is live, visitors are encouraged to share the offer via social media to increase their chances of winning, which helps you promote your store. The plugin also integrates with most email marketing services, enabling you to promote giveaways to your subscribers.

Key Features:

  • Set up WooCommerce product giveaways.
  • Choose from multiple giveaway templates or design your own with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Enable visitors to promote your giveaway on social media to increase their odds of winning.
  • Promote your giveaway via email to your subscribers’ list.

Price: The RafflePress plugin requires a premium subscription to work.

5. TrustPulse

The TrustPulse homepage.
<em><a class=thirstylink rel=nofollow noindex target= blank title=Smash Balloon href=httpsadvancedcouponsplugincomrecommendssmash balloon data shortcode=true>Social proof<a> notification software to boost credibility<em>

Social proof plays a huge role when it comes to online sales. Before most people buy something from your WooCommerce store they want to know they can trust you.

There are a lot of types of social proof elements you can leverage, from product reviews to word-of-mouth. However, if you’re looking for elements that are more immediate, TrustPulse enables you to set up real-time conversion notifications.

Using TrustPulse, visitors will see notifications about the actions other users take on your WooCommerce store. If someone makes a purchase, others will see a notification and the same goes for events such as email signups.

With this tool, you can set up notifications for any events you want on your WooCommerce store and customize their design. Once the notifications are up, you can monitor their performance using a built-in analytics system.

Key Features:

  • Set up custom live notifications within your WooCommerce store.
  • Customize your notifications to match your store’s design.
  • Show notifications of past events to increase engagement.
  • Monitor the performance of your store’s notifications through analytics.

Price: The TrustPulse plugin requires you to sign up for a premium subscription to work.


No two WooCommerce stores are the same. That means the way you promote your store should depend on your audience and the marketing channels they prefer. In most cases, using email marketing such as sending coupons is a safe bet, but it’s not the only avenue at your disposal.

Choosing The Best WooCommerce Promotions Plugin – 5 Great Options

If you’re looking for WooCommerce promotions plugins you can use to drive up sales, here are five of the best options:

  1. Advanced Coupons: This free plugin enables you to create any type of coupon you want and it comes in a premium version as well.
  2. OptinMonster: This lead-generation plugin lets you design almost any type of opt-in email collection form you want.
  3. PushEngage: Using PushEngage, you can set up push notifications for your WooCommerce store.
  4. RafflePress: Easily the best WooCommerce promotion plugin lets you run giveaways from your store.
  5. TrustPulse: Using TrustPulse you can show visitors social proof notifications from actions other customers take real actions on your website.

Do you have any questions about which WooCommerce promotions plugins to use for your store? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “5 Best WooCommerce Promotions Plugin Options (2024 Updated)

  1. Solid list of promotion plugins. Great summary of each software too. I like the unique angle of Advanced Plugins compared to the other plugins. Advanced Plugins is so feature rich.

  2. I’m already using Raffle Press, but I am glad to hear about PushEngage. This is something I have been looking for awhile now for WooCommerce sites. Also looking to switch to Advanced Coupons soon!

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