Is It Worth Adding Live Chat To Your WooCommerce Store? (+ 4 options compared)

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WooCommerce has elevated the potential of many eCommerce stores across the globe.

Its easy to operate interface has enabled many users, who have been able to fulfill their ambitions and create their own online retail set up.

Once you have a working store (meaning you can actually sell something), there are some additional features you can add to your WooCommerce store to ensure your business operations run at maximum efficiency. One of the most important is live chat.

If you’re seeking inspiration or have been considering adding live chat, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worthwhile?

Why Should You Add Live Chat To Your Store?

In today’s digital world customer engagement takes many forms, but the overriding principles remain the same.

Forming an emotional connection with your clientele will help you build a loyal customer base, especially if you provide consistent customer touchpoints which invite them back for more.

With modern live chat features you can communicate with consumers when they visit your website, helping you build lasting relationships through greater conversions.

Building live chat into your WooCommerce store will bring considerable advantages, so let’s take a look at how you’ll benefit from doing so:

Chat Greetings

We all appreciate feeling welcome, and though you might not always want to engage in conversation with staff at a brick and mortar store, it’s a nice touch when someone gracefully greets you.

You feel taken cared of, and reassured that if you need assistance someone friendly is on hand.

The concept of an online customer support clerk was long-perceived a near impossibility until live chat came about.

Now when consumers enter a website they’re immediately consulted via live chat.

This essentially serves as a virtual greeting which evokes the same emotions an in-store clerk does. Previously, consumers would have to get in touch with customer service when they ran into difficulties online, but now help is merely a click away.

The ability to talk with a staff person immediately is a huge draw, one which will encourage customers to reward companies with loyalty.

What’s fascinating about today’s online environment is predictive analysis. By configuring your chat with advanced features, it can determine whether a visitor is having problems by detecting behavioral patterns.

Though 100% accuracy is unattainable, there’s no harm in a live chat representative asking if someone is having difficulties, in fact, it’s deemed polite even when the visitor doesn’t need help.

But for those who need an issue resolved, the concept of an automatic chat greeting is impressive, a feature that’s likely to keep customers coming back for more.

This reduces cart abandonment, especially if you can set up a live chat greeting that pops up 15 seconds after consumers go to their cart.

Tailored help will encourage people to proceed with their purchase rather than giving up on it.

Overcome Staff Limitations

This begins with an understanding of when your store is most busy.

But how exactly can you accurately determine when traffic is highest on your website?

Understanding your store’s trends will help you determine when you need lots of live chat agents, for example during the weekend.

Leveraging the correct number of chat agents ensures customer needs are met promptly and effectively.

Fortunately, many live chat tools will help you accurately predict staffing requirements.

With the correct volume of staff engaged at the right times, you can truly be assured of providing great customer service, enabling you to build a positive reputation which ultimately translates to more sales.

Cater to Returning Visitors

Returning customers are arguably the most important stakeholder of all.

Securing repeat custom is a huge motivation for any business en route to establishing a loyal clientele.

Returning visitors will be familiar with your website, and would be probably impressed by the experience you created for them the last time around.

Though they might not be a loyal customer yet, a fantastic second impression can help you reach the pinnacle.

You can take the relationship to another level with personalized recommendations.

Making a strategic offer based on your customer’s previous purchasing habits is a great way to show you care.

Helpful suggestions are those that invigorate customers, swaying them towards something they’d like to buy.

A great example of this is if a customer buys or has bought a pair of trainers. Offer them a new pair of inner soles or waterproofer via the live chat and you’ll be closer to securing a second sale, and possibly a customer for life.

Capture the Attention of Your Audience

For a long time, signs located outside stores would capture the attention of prospective customers.

The concept evolved when store owners realised having an attractive storefront isn’t enough by itself.

Applying this same principle to eCommerce, the chances are an eye-catching website and live chat isn’t enough to truly appeal to your target audience.

Visitors commonly overlook chat windows in the pursuit of something more visually appealing. So why not add an eye-popping graphic to spice things up?

An appealing design will add to the customer experience, helping them feel valued and appreciated as you’ve gone the extra mile to build a relationship.

Visual appeal is a simple component which will bring significant attention to your live chat, and ultimately your website. This is a huge incentive for introducing live chat in the first place.

Create a Centralised Location for Visitors

Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms in the world and is thus a great liaison between customer and company.

Most of your current and prospective customers will have a Facebook account, so why not engage with them where they spend most of their time?

The chances are you have a group on Facebook where you promote your online store.

Here many customers will have an opportunity to communicate with you directly.

But responding to these messages is a difficult proposition at the best of times.

Integrating your live chat with Facebook Messenger is a great way to engage your website visitors and Facebook followers in a single swoop.

Automated messages are a possibility, but with an integrated interface you can simply use one dashboard to respond to all messages.

By doing so you’ll capture numerous sales opportunities!

Four Game-Changing Chat Tools

Now you’re intrigued by the prospect of live chat in WooCommerce, you’re probably wondering which platform to choose?

Well, to help you make an informed decision here is a comparison of some of the best chat platforms on the market.


$16+ per month

  • Premium support for customer service and online sales
  • Enables elite access where businesses can directly communicate with customers
  • Simple to customize and very easy to operate
  • Reduces the volume of calls and customer emails
  • Ultimately improves customer satisfaction and increases sales
  • Offers compatibility with desktop and mobile platforms
  • Provides advanced statistics on conversations, including staffing prediction and response times
  • Easily customize your chat interface
  • Easily create bots with BotEngine
  • Competitive pricing


$29+ per month

  • 175+ support features
  • Ability to link to multiple channels within support inputs
  • Fetch emails, Facebook comments, contact forms, tweets, live chat, and phone calls
  • Access to ticketing, a call center, and a knowledge base
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook for ease of use


$38+ per month

  • Embed third party apps like Stripe and Shopify (especially useful for eCommerce)
  • Target visitors based on the page they browse
  • Ability to add an FAQ section and other customizable items
  • Compatibility with Slack and Facebook, alongside chat on various websites
  • Receive data on responsiveness, performance, conversation volume and much more


$12+ per month

  • Reporting capabilities
  • Indicates how many chats are taking place
  • Shows how customers rate their chat experience
  • Customer satisfaction survey forwarded to visitors as standard
  • An effective tool for communicating sales and support
  • Easy to navigate
  • Understand customer behavior and cater to individual needs

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