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3 Tips To Create A Persuasive Coupon Email Template (Guide)

3 Tips To Create A Persuasive Coupon Email Template (WooCommerce)

Crafting a persuasive coupon email template is a powerful tool to engage subscribers and prompt them to take action. Nowadays, when every other store owner is trying to win the market, coming up with exciting discounts and offers may not be enough.

Mastering the art of creating persuasive coupon email templates can drive not only increased open rates but also higher conversion rates. By aligning your design and messaging with your brand identity, you can create a cohesive and impactful email that encourages recipients to make a purchase.

In this article, we’ll delve into the strategies and techniques to design attention-grabbing coupon email templates that drive results. We’ll also discuss some of the tools you need to make sure that your coupon email templates are spot on. Let’s get into it!

Why You Need To Create Coupon Email Templates

Coupon email templates are a powerful marketing tool that can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. When used effectively, they can amp up engagement, boost sales, and foster loyalty.

Additionally, handing out exclusive offers and discounts through these templates acts as a powerful motivator for customers to make a purchase and keep them coming back for more.

Coupon email template example
Coupon email template example (click to zoom)

Another important thing with coupon email templates is that they open up a direct line of communication with your audience. You get to tailor promotions based on their preferences and behaviors. This, then, creates a personalized experience that fosters a sense of connection and value.

This personal touch strengthens the relationship between your brand and your customers. And when done right, coupon emails become a win-win situation for your business and your subscribers.

Why Coupons Are Effective In Marketing

To craft effective coupon email templates, it’s crucial to understand the psychology behind consumer behavior. You also need to know the impact of coupons on their decision-making process.

First, think of it this way: who doesn’t love savings?

Coupons speak to our basic human craving for value and savings, triggering a sense of excitement and satisfaction. When you toss in a discount or a special offer, it’s like saying, “Hey, we’ve got something special just for you!”

This not only warms people up to your email but also nudges them towards making a purchase.

Coupon email template example for Cyber Monday
Coupon email template example for Cyber Monday (click to zoom)

Additionally, coupons create a sense of urgency and scarcity, prompting recipients to act quickly to take advantage of the offer before it expires or runs out. Imagine getting an email shouting, “Limited-time offer – grab it before it’s gone!”

Wouldn’t that trigger FOMO (fear of missing out), making you want to claim the deal as soon as possible?

Limited-time email offer
Limited-time email offer (click to zoom)

Similarly, the way a coupon is perceived can significantly impact how people see your brand and what you’re offering. If you present your coupon as something genuinely valuable and exclusive, it elevates the perceived benefits of interacting with your email.

This, in turn, sparks increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

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3 Tips To Create Persuasive Coupon Email Templates

#1. Leverage your copywriting.

10% off coupon email
10% off coupon email (click to zoom)

Creating a coupon email that really hits home is all about telling a story that speaks to people. Think of it like chatting with a friend. You want to grab their attention, make them feel something, and, of course, get them excited about a great deal!

So, when you’re putting together the words for your email, imagine you’re having a friendly conversation. Keep it short and sweet, but pack a punch.

Highlight what makes your offer awesome. For example, the savings, the special vibe, or the fact that it’s a limited-time thing. Make it feel like a can’t-miss opportunity that they’d regret passing up.

Apart from the simplicity of the verbiage that you’d like to achieve, another key to making your copy more relatable is through storytelling.

65% off coupon code
65% off coupon code (click to zoom)

Share a little tale that connects with what your pals (aka your customers) care about. This creates a real emotional connection. Maybe it’s a story about how this deal is like a wish granted for their needs and wants. People love a good story… and when it’s relatable, it feels more like home.

Also, don’t forget to give them a nudge in the right direction. Use clear and friendly words like “Shop Now” or “Claim Your Discount” to guide them. You want to make it easy for them to jump on the deal without overthinking.

Now, about that tone – it’s like the personality of your email.

Whether your crowd is into a playful and chill vibe or a more serious and informative style, make sure your words match what they like. It’s like speaking their language.

#2. Incorporate urgency and scarcity.

Think of urgency and scarcity as a gentle nudge that sparks quick decisions.

Say, for instance, you get a coupon email. This isn’t just any offer—it’s a limited-time deal, or there’s a countdown ticking away. Suddenly, you feel the excitement kick in right? As if you’d want grab that offer before it slips away?

That’s how leveraging urgency works. It creates a buzz, making making you want those benefits pronto.

Time-limited offer email
Time-limited offer email (click to zoom)

Scarcity, on the other hand, is more about playing on customers’ FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Out.

So, for example, you received an email that’s hinting that what’s up for grabs is exclusive or in short supply. Suddenly, you’re thinking, “I can’t miss out on this!”

The offer becomes more valuable, and that feeling of ‘I need to act now’ sets in.

This is the power of scarcity.

But here’s the thing: when you blend urgency and scarcity in your coupon emails, it’s not just about making a sale.

Now, it’s about reigniting the spark for those who’ve been on the sidelines or convincing the undecided.

Zapier FOMO email
Zapier FOMO email (click to zoom)

Finally, you tell them it’s a limited-time chance, something they wouldn’t want to miss, and voila—interest reignited, action taken.

It’s like a personalized invitation to an exclusive party, and who wouldn’t want to join in, right?

#3. Have a personalization and segmentation strategy.

When it comes to emails, your priority should fall under connecting with your audience. In this case, you wouldn’t want to send generic messages sent to everyone.

Instead, try to send emails that fit the preferences, background, and behaviours of each person in your audience. This way, your emails would hit closer to home.

And how do you do this? Personalization and segmentation.

Reactivation example
Reactivation example (click to zoom)

First up, segmentation—it’s like having a backstage pass to understanding your audience. You split them into different groups based on things like who they are, what they’ve bought, how engaged they are, and what they like. This way, you get to know each group’s unique quirks and desires.

Once you’ve got your groups, it’s time for personalization. We’re not just talking about using someone’s first name; we’re talking about a whole personalized experience.

Imagine this: you bought a camera, and suddenly, you get an email not just saying, “Hey you,” but showcasing new lenses or photography workshops. That’s how personalized content converts—it’s like the email was made just for you.

Freshdirect personalized email
Freshdirect personalized email (click to zoom)

Now, combine these strategies, and you’ve got a coupon email powerhouse. Tailor your messages to each segment, addressing their specific interests and needs.

Whether it’s offering discounts on their favorite products or suggesting items related to their past purchases, it’s all about making them feel like you get them.

And the result? Higher engagement and conversion rates. When people see an offer that’s not just a deal but a deal made just for them, they’re more likely to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button.


Ultimately, the art of creating persuasive coupon email templates lies in understanding your audience’s needs and motivations and crafting offers that speak directly to them.

To help you master the art of writing persuasive coupon email templates, we laid down 3 tips in this post:

  1. Leverage your copywriting.
  2. Incorporate urgency and scarcity.
  3. Have a personalization and segmentation strategy.

Do you have any questions about coupon email templates? Let us know in the comments below.

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