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7 WooCommerce Loyalty Program Perks During The Holiday Season

7 WooCommerce Loyalty Program Perks During Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s prime time for WooCommerce businesses to capitalize on the power of loyalty programs. How? Leverage the power of loyalty program perks!

Imagine customers eagerly anticipating your exclusive holiday offers. They are feeling valued and returning for more. By understanding the unique advantages a loyalty program brings to the table, you can elevate your brand’s holiday sales to new heights while fostering lasting customer relationships.

In this article, we’ll delve into 7 unbeatable perks that a WooCommerce loyalty program can offer during the coming holiday season. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve whether you already have an existing program or not. Let’s get into it!

Importance Of Loyalty Program Perks During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when consumers are actively seeking the best deals and offers.

With the market flooded with promotions, a loyalty program can set your WooCommerce business apart from the competition. By offering exclusive perks to loyal customers, you can create a sense of belonging and appreciation. This goes a long way in building customer loyalty.

Starbucks' Holiday Perks
Starbucks’ Holiday Perks (click to zoom)

During the holidays, customers are more likely to make multiple purchases for gifting and personal needs. A well-structured loyalty program can incentivize them to choose your brand over others by offering rewards and benefits that cater to their festive shopping spree. This not only boosts sales during the holiday season but also sets the stage for repeat purchases in the future.

Loyalty programs also play a crucial role in attracting new customers. Let’s take Black Friday for example:

Unbound's Black Friday Loyalty Program
Unbound’s Black Friday Loyalty Program (click to zoom)

During this time, shoppers are being bombarded by discounts and awesome deals from all over the place. So, a loyalty program can be the deciding factor in choosing your store over others.

Understanding Customer Behavior During The Holidays

The holidays evoke emotions of joy, generosity, and a desire to connect with loved ones, which significantly influences consumer spending patterns.

Customers are on the lookout for gifts, special offers, and experiences that enhance their festive celebrations. So, at this point, customers are more receptive to personalized and value-driven interactions with brands, seeking to make their holiday shopping experience memorable and rewarding.

Understanding these emotional triggers can guide the design of loyalty program perks that align with customers’ holiday aspirations.

Loyalty Program Reward
Loyalty Program Rewards (click to zoom)

Moreover, the holiday season brings an increase in online and in-store traffic, with customers actively exploring diverse options for their gifting and personal needs. Loyalty programs can leverage this heightened activity by offering perks that provide added value, convenience, and a sense of exclusivity.

7 WooCommerce Loyalty Program Perks To Explore This Season

By recognizing the shifts in customer behavior during the holidays, you can tailor your loyalty program perks to cater to their specific needs and desires. This creates a seamless and delightful shopping experience that fosters loyalty and drives holiday sales.

To help you get started, here are several ideas you can take inspiration from:

1. Early access promotions

Give your loyal customers a sneak peek into your holiday collections and promotions before they are officially launched to the public. Say, if you’re having a Black Friday Sale, you can offer Early Black Friday sales, exclusive to your loyal customers:

Early Access Example
Early Access Example (click to zoom)

This sense of exclusivity not only makes your customers feel valued but also encourages them to plan their holiday purchases, knowing that they have access to the latest offerings before anyone else.

Additionally, it drives anticipation and engagement, setting the stage for successful holiday sales.

2. Personalized gift recommendations

The holidays are a time for thoughtful gifting, and customers appreciate personalized recommendations and services that make their gift-shopping experience seamless. Leverage your loyalty program to offer personalized gift suggestions based on customers’ purchase history and preferences.

Personalization Example
Personalization Example (click to zoom)

You can also consider, for example, offering shipping deals for loyal customers within a specific area.

This helps enhance their holiday shopping experience and reinforces their loyalty to your brand.

3. Exclusive holiday discounts

Again, customers are now actively seeking the best deals and discounts for their festive shopping.

By offering exclusive discounts and special offers as part of your loyalty program, you can incentivize repeat purchases and attract new customers looking for value-driven deals.

Toms Black Friday Sale
Toms Black Friday Sale (click to zoom)

Whether it’s a percentage off on festive collections or buy-one-get-one offers, providing exclusive discounts through your loyalty program can create a sense of urgency and excitement among customers, driving them to choose your store for their holiday purchases.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to discounting, check out Advanced Coupons.

#1-rated WooCommerce plugin
#1-rated WooCommerce plugin

This top-rated coupon plugin in WooCommerce lets you easily run different kinds of discounts and promotions for any kind of holiday. You can also implement cart conditions, usage restrictions, sales schedules, and more with this tool — making your promotions smoother both on the back and front end.

4. Bonus points and rewards

Encourage festive spending by offering bonus points and rewards for holiday purchases made by loyalty program members. For example, you can double points for every dollar spent.

Holiday Bonus Points Example
Holiday Bonus Points Example (click to zoom)

You can also offer bonus rewards for specific festive product categories. This will help drive higher average order values and repeat purchases. Additionally, it will help maximize customer engagement and satisfaction during the holiday season.

5. Giveaways exclusively for loyalty program members

Create a sense of excitement and competition among your loyal customers by hosting festive giveaways and contests exclusively for loyalty program members.

Holiday Giveaway
Holiday Giveaway (click to zoom)

For instance, you can run:

By doing so, you engage your loyal customers through interactive and rewarding activities that can strengthen their emotional connection to your brand.

6. VIP holiday experiences

This may not seem like a common thing these days, but virtual events for loyal members are a great way to boost your customer retention. It helps connect your brand to your audience on a more intimate level.

If this is something you’d like to consider, you can host a virtual holiday party with live entertainment.

You can also curate a shopping experience with personalized styling sessions or an invitation-only festive gathering. This provides unique and memorable experiences to loyal customers can elevate their holiday season and strengthen their emotional connection to your brand, fostering long-term loyalty.

7. Seasonal-themed gift cards

And last but not least, gift cards. Since this is a time of giving, what better way to reward your customers than to give them gift cards that they can save for later purchases or gift to a friend?

Holiday Gift Card Examples
Holiday Gift Card Examples (click to zoom)

According to Town & Country, gift cards are now hailed as smart and modern presents, with it consistently being on top of wishlists for years in a row! As a store owner, this is a great opportunity for you to leverage the practicality of gift cards.

Now, in WooCommerce, giving away gift cards may be a challenge without a reliable third-party tool. Fortunately, Advanced Gift Cards have got that covered for you!

Easily sell digital gift cards in WooCommerce

This plugin is essentially designed to make selling gift cards convenient for store owners. But it also allows you to send out gift cards to specific customers via email:

Sending gift cards via email with Advanced Gift Cards
Sending gift cards via email with Advanced Gift Cards (click to zoom)

Even better, this plugin offers 85+ built-in gift card designs that are going to be perfect for your holiday marketing. To learn more about Advanced Gift Cards, click here.


The holiday season is a great opportunity for WooCommerce businesses to leverage the power of loyalty programs to differentiate themselves, engage customers, and drive sales. By offering exclusive perks, you can create a holiday season experience that truly resonates with your audience.

In this article, we discussed 7 loyalty program perks you can implement this coming holiday season:

  1. Early access promotions
  2. Personalized gift recommendations
  3. Exclusive holiday discounts
  4. Bonus points and rewards
  5. Giveaways exclusively for loyalty program members
  6. VIP holiday experiences
  7. Seasonal-themed gift cards

Do you have any questions about loyalty program perks? Let me know in the comments below!

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