How To Give A WooCommerce User Group Discount

How To Give A WooCommerce User Group Discount

Sometimes, you don’t want every customer to have access to a specific coupon. With the right tools, though, you can decide precisely which user groups can use the discounts you set.

Creating a WooCommerce user group discount is easy if you use the right tool for the job. By limiting who can use specific coupons, you can reward your best customers with unique deals.

In this article, we’ll talk about some types of group discounts you can consider offering. Then we’ll show you two ways to set up a WooCommerce user group discount. Let’s get to it!

When to Use Group Discounts

There are a lot of situations where you may want to offer discounts only for specific user roles. Some common examples of online sales include:

  • Wholesale users. Bulk buyers often get better prices and you can provide those discounts through role-specific coupons.
  • Team discounts. It’s a common practice for online retailers to offer discounts to team members. With role-specific discounts, you can reward your team for their hard work.
  • Logged-in users. If you enable visitors to check out as guests, you can encourage them to sign up by providing coupons for logged-in users.

As you may know, WordPress and WooCommerce automatically set up multiple user roles you can advantage of. With the right tool, you can target the user roles you want and provide unique discounts.

How to Give a WooCommerce User Group Discount (2 Ways)

The best way to provide user group discounts in WooCommerce is through a coupon system. With Advanced Coupons, you can create as many coupons as you want:

The Advanced Coupons plugin.
Advanced Coupons lets you run amazing new types of coupon promotions that you can’t otherwise do with standard WooCommerce coupons.

More importantly, the plugin enables you to target specific user groups for discounts, which is precisely what you want.

1. Use role restriction settings

To start with, go ahead and set up a new coupon by selecting the Coupons > Add New option from your dashboard. Now, go ahead and enter a description for your coupon before generating a new code:

Creating a WooCommerce user group discount coupon.
(click to zoom)

If you jump down to the Coupon data > Role Restrictions tab, you can select the Enable role restrictions option. Once you do, you’ll be able to either set allowed or disallowed user roles for your coupon:

Configuring allowed user roles.
(click to zoom)

For this particular example, we want every member of our team to be able to use that coupon. To achieve that, we added three user roles to the allowed list.

If any user with a different type of account tries to use that specific coupon, they’ll get an error message, which you can customize:

Configuring an error message.
(click to zoom)

For internal-use coupons, you can go ahead and enable one-click application. That way, your team won’t miss out on savings.

Before you call it a day, remember to go to the Coupon data > General tab and choose what type of discount you want the coupon to apply. Now, let’s take a look at another way to set up WooCommerce group discounts.

2. Set up allowed and disallowed user roles through cart conditions

With Advanced Coupons, you can also use Cart Conditions settings to control who can use a specific coupon. To get started, open the editor for the coupon for the group discount you want to set up and scroll down to the Cart Conditions section.

Click on the Add a New ‘ADD’ Rule to set up your first condition. Select the Allowed Customer User Role option from the list and click on Add:

Adding allowed role conditions for your cart.
(click to zoom)

Now go ahead and select the user roles you want to be able to use that coupon. As an example, we can add the Customer user group:

Configuring what user roles can use a coupon.
(click to zoom)

The idea here would be to encourage visitors to sign up instead of making purchases as guests (if that’s something you allow on your store). 

Ideally, new customers would get a one-off discount on their first purchase. To do that, you can set the Usage limit per user setting to one within the Coupon data > Usage limits tab:

Setting coupon usage limits.
(click to zoom)

A great approach when it comes to one-off welcome coupons is to provide a fixed discount for purchases above X amount. That way, you encourage customers to spend a bit more and, in return, they get a great deal.

Keep in mind that you can also use cart conditions to disallow specific user groups from using a coupon. For example, you might not want your team members to get access to that welcome discount since they often have access to better prices as is.

To disallow a user role, you need to selet the Disallowed Customer User Role option:

Configuring disallowed user roles.
(click to zoom)

Once you add that rule, you can configure which user roles shouldn’t have access to that specific coupon. By combining these options, you can have full control over who gets access to which discounts in your store.


There are a lot of ways to use group discounts to your advantage. You can offer special deals for wholesale users, reward loyal customers, and even create coupons only members of your team can use.

With Advanced Coupons, you can go about setting up group discounts in two ways:

  1. Use role restriction settings.
  2. Set up allowed and disallowed user roles through cart conditions.

Do you have any questions about how to set up WooCommerce user group discounts? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!


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