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How Does Store Credit Work? (Complete Store Credit Guide)

You’re probably thinking, “How does store credit work?”. Well, as an online store owner, you’ll inevitably have customers who want to return your products. If you don’t offer an appealing incentive, these customers could easily turn to your competitors. To help retain customers, you can provide store credit. When customers […]

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Complete Guide To WooCommerce Bundle Discounts (3 Steps)

Low profit margins can be problematic for WooCommerce businesses. This is because customers tend to buy one or two products from your online store rather than purchasing multiple items like they would in brick-and-mortar businesses. This is why you need to explore WooCommerce bundle discounts! Fortunately, using WooCommerce bundle discounts […]

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How To Show Coupons Using Gutenberg Blocks In WooCommerce

Discounts are an effective tool for promoting specific products and boosting sales. However, without a good way to showcase and modify your coupons, you may not be reaching your customers. Fortunately, Advanced Coupons’ new Gutenberg blocks make it easy to display coupons on your website. Using the same functionality as […]

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9 Coupon Mistakes New Store Owners Make In WooCommerce

Coupons might seem like a foolproof way to grow your online store – but that’s only true if you use them correctly. It’s common for new store owners in WooCommerce to make coupon mistakes; however, continuously repeating these errors can hurt your overall profits in the future. Fortunately, if you’re […]

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