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How To Run A Tuesday Sale (And Why You Should)

As a store owner, you’ve probably noticed that there are certain slow months when you might not receive many orders. On a smaller scale, this drop in sales can also happen during the week (for example, during mid-week days like Tuesdays). To combat this and boost your profits, consider running […]

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How To Use Coupon Marketing To Grow (Strategies & Examples)

Experienced entrepreneurs often say that success doesn’t usually come easy. While that might hold true in some situations, effective coupon marketing can offer a rapid boost to your customer base and sales. Coca-Cola provided one of the earliest and well-documented instances of coupon marketing way back in 1887. However, digital […]

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Black Friday Gift Cards: Why Should You Offer Them?

For store owners, Black Friday can either bring in massive earnings or turn into one of the year’s biggest missed opportunities, depending on your preparation. If you’re looking to make the most of this golden opportunity, you might want to think about offering Black Friday gift cards. Selling gift cards […]

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